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    Rainy Day Drivers...

    We had a heavy thunderstorm today, and I met many drivers driving in a heavy downpour WITHOUT HEADLIGHTS! I think most (if not all) states have a law that states headlights must be on when raining. Obviously these fools haven't heard about it. They just don't realize how invisible their vehicles...
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    What are you driving?

    Didn't realize any manufacturers even knew what manual windows were anymore.
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    What are you driving?

    Just where did they find that antique?
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    What are you driving?

    Nice truck! What's the work vehicle?
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    What are you driving?

    Post pics of your ride!
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    Gas Prices

    Around 2.50 a gallon here.
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    Gas Prices

    How much is gas running in your area?
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    Working on getting this place back up and running...
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    What do you use to plow?

    Being in SC, I just wait for it to melt.
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    Long Lasting Scented Product for Vehicle

    Some folks say the "stones" hold their scent fairly well, but I've never tried them.
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    How have you helped someone out in a pinch?

    I'll start - a couple years back my friend and classmate was moving at Myrtle Beach, so I told them I'd be glad to help, even though that meant a 3 hour drive down and back. So I fired up my trusty 87 Hardbody, headed down, and helped them out - the alternator decided to quit on me and had to do...
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    How have you helped someone out in a pinch?

    Just wondering - how have you used your car or truck to help someone out in a pinch?
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    Junk Yards

    I'd hit the "you-pullit" yards if there's any in your area. I scored a pair of Pathfinder bucket seats for my truck for $20 apiece. Plus taking it out yourself allows you to learn how to remove the part from your own vehicle if you haven't already.
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    So hot out -ways to keep engine cool

    Make sure you have the correct mix of antifreeze/coolant in the cooling system - an incorrect ratio can make your car overheat quickly.
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    Chilton or Haynes?

    Both. One usually has stuff in it that the other doesn't. But I also keep a FSM close by.