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    Carry an extra key

    I have an extra key that I leave at home. Wouldn't do me a lot of good if I were out somewhere and locked my keys in the car. Isn't there a magnetic box that you can put a key in and hide it under the hood? Do those work well?
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    Hate the defrost

    Is there any way you could lay something across your back window before you go in at night? That may help prevent the frost from forming on the glass and then you wouldn't have to burn up in the mornings trying to get it defrosted. I would have to try it anyway.
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    Flushing The Coolant

    You're supposed to do that? Oh my! I guess that's something else on my list to ask the mechanic. Is this a major operation? How expensive is it? I know mine has never been done so it's probably way overdue.
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    Lectures on tape

    I like novels on tape or CD. You can get these from the library or purchase them from the book store. Better yet, you can download them from any website that offers audio books and plug your ipod into your car radio. I'm not sure I would like an audio course while driving. I would have to...
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    Rain-X for Ice

    I like that idea Hotrod25! Someone should invent that. They would make a fortune. Like Paul, I don't have a garage so I'm stuck with scraping or waiting until the defroster works. :ohwell:
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    Tire leaking

    This happened to me once and sure enough, the tire wasn't seal properly on the rim. Better go get that checked before anything major happens. It won't take long and shouldn't cost much.
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    Favored For Super Bowl.

    Hotrod25, there's never been a 4 and 6 in the superbowl and it's not gonna happen this year either. Both sixes are gone. We'll see what happens today.
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    Seat covers

    Seat covers are great for fabric. I have leather seats which I highly prefer over fabric and they wear pretty well. However, I do keep a towel handy in the summer time. Hot leather and bare skin just don't mix.
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    Favored For Super Bowl.

    You gotta be kidding me! You think the number 4 and the number 6 seed are gonna make it to the super bowl? Yeah, right!
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    Broken Window

    A friend of mine has a broken window in her vehicle. By broken, I mean it will not go up or down. Thank goodness it's up. She took it to the shop and they quoted her a terribly high price to fix this. What has to be done to fix a broken electric window?
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    Fixing a tear in the seat

    Somewhere I have seen advertised something to fix this with that supposedly makes it look like new. It may have been one of those "as seen on TV" ads. Check with your local Auto Zone or Advance Auto. I'll bet they have something that will work.
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    Turn Signals

    That's just something that I wouldn't mess with. I'd take it to my mechanic because I'm not handy with tools. I've seen him have to take out the entire headlight on some models before. I'd rather him do the job than me.
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    BMW Bikes

    My brother used to have a BMW bike that was really a sweet ride. I think it was just a phase he was going through and has long since sold it. With gas prices hovering between $3.00 and $4.00 per gallon, he may wish he had it back. You think?
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    Turn with or away?

    I've always heard to turn into the spin. It goes against every instinct in your body but you will have a better chance of coming out of the spin if you can do it. Just hope nothing is around you when it happens.
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    Cleaning Floormats

    That's a great idea Paul. I would rather wash towels than try and clean those floor mats every time they get dirty. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll go tomorrow and buy the towels.