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    People with no business being on motorcycles. . .

    I have grown up racing motocross and riding motorcycles, so I am quite confident and comfortable on a bike. However, too many people buy a motorcycle with no idea of how to ride one. I almost hit a lady the other day who stalled the bike because she didn't know how to work the clutch. Just an...
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    under skirt

    It is supposed to take scrapes and dings, as it is meant to protect the motor and other mechanical parts. I wouldn't worry about it until it becomes loose and causes a problem.
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    Key ring

    I have a Nissan as well. My keychain remote went out after only a couple of months. I have simply used the spare one ever since. At least, it is still working.
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    Squealing Belt

    Yeah, take it back to the shop asap. Hopefully, they will check it out and fix the problem for free. It is strange for the same thing to be happening so soon, so they should take care of it.
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    New Tires

    Tire prices have really blown up in the past decade. The is something wrong with having to pay almost $1000 on a set of standard truck tires. Just ridiculous. I think it has to do with the petroleum used in the process?
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    Not heating quickly

    In my experience the warm-up time varies from car to car as well. My truck takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes on a cold morning.
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    Diesel fuel

    Yes, it did. Up until the past 5 years when gas prices started skyrocketing, diesel was always cheaper and rightfully so. Its more crude state required less filtering and cleaning so it was always cheaper. However, recent laws require adding an extra additive to diesel fuel for environmental...
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    Lexus Christmas commercial

    I think they are so cheesy (with the bow all tied around the car and everything). Really, how many people go Lexus shopping for Christmas?
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    Something sticky

    Spilling a drink in the car is never fun. Luckily, I have 8 cupholders in my truck so that rarely happens. I once spilled a huge fountain drink all over the passenger seat and center console. That was a huge mess, but I had a towel in the backseat to get most of it up.
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    Can you read the tire gauge?

    I use an old fashioned tire gauge that you put on the tire air valve and the little stick with numbers that shoots out. The last number before it ends is the psi of air in your tire. You know whether you need to add more air by looking at the tire for the max psi.
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    A New Microcar

    Not a big fan of these either. They may be economical and fuel efficient, but I find them very unappealing. I would prefer a sports car myself, and pay the extra money for performance.
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    First snow

    I am lucky it doesn't snow where I live. I have seen videos of people sliding all over the place trying to drive in the snow and ice.
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    Cassette deck works...

    I had a bunch of old cassette tapes from my childhood, but on a whim I threw them all away one day. I immediately regretted the decision the next day, but it was too late. Too bad, I had a lot of really great tapes.
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    Coca-Cola stains

    I had the same problem with a Pepsi I spilled once. It went everywhere in my new truck. It was so new, I just sprang for an expensive interior cleaner. Can't remember the name, but it worked really well.
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    Carbon Fiber?

    Many race cars and "souped" up sports cars use carbon fiber body parts. Carbon fiber is very light and strong, but is VERY expensive. Curious if anyone here thinks it's worth it? Not for me, but I don't race.