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    Truck smells festive

    When that tree smell goes away, visit your local auto store and pick up something to continue that smell. I use one of those under the seat jars with my favorite scent. That was there's nothing hanging from my rear view mirror.
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    Driving In Bad Weather

    So true Wildman! It's usually not you but the other guy that causes the problems. Hopefully the roads will be passable for you tomorrow and you'll have no trouble getting to your appointment.
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    Decent mileage standards coming?

    Do you really want the government to control what you drive? I'm too much of a free person for that. If I choose to drive a gas guzzler, that should be my right. Don't you think?
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    Crazy drivers at the mall

    It's the time of year smash. There's so much stress in the air, it's not funny. Plus, I think that common courtesy is non-existant in today's society. Somehow, this younger generation has been raised every man for himself and to heck with everyone else. Sad!
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    Captain's Chairs

    We had captain's chairs in our suburban and like you, they are nice but rather impractical for transporting people. I guess it depends on how large your family is and whether you are buying used or new.
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    Graphite Powder

    That's great advice wildman. I appreciate it and will do just that. I wondered why my key seemed a little tight in that lock. I've done this with the house keys but never even thought about it with the vehicles. Thanks!
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    The Car Wash

    I ran my dirty car through the automatic car wash yesterday and it did pretty good. Didn't get as clean as it would have if I had done it but it'll do in a rush. How often do you use the carwash?
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    Oh no!! The chime!!

    There may be a short in your wiring or a sensor may have gone bad. I would take it to a mechanic and have it checked out. We had a similar situation and the only solution was to unhook the thing. It'll drive you nuts if you don't get it fixed.
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    Owner's Manual

    Another place you may try is a junk yard. Just a thought but they may have your same make and model there somewhere with the owners manual still in the golve box. It's worth a shot. Right?
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    I have a long time friend who is also a trusted mechanic and he does all my auto maintenance. I'm not set up at home to do the work and I trust him with every auto I have. I will check the fluids to see if any needs to be added but for oil changes and the like, he does all the work.
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    I hate Christmas music

    I enjoy Christmas music but like so many of you, I don't enjoy it starting in September. After Thanksgiving is plenty soon enough for me. In fact, two weeks before Christmas would be even better. It's unavoidable though. Every where you go, there's Christmas music.
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    Dry Weather

    We are so dry here in the south east that it's not funny. I just heard that the mighty Mississippi is so low that it may affect commerce to the entire nation. Hope we get some rain soon!
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    Yahoo had an article on yesterday that said the ones who had won past lotteries and maintained their current lifestyle did the best. With sound investments they prospered and had a happy life. Most folks who won and were undisciplined in their finances were broke with a few years. I would...
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    How Much Does it Cost?

    How much should I pay for a detailing job? I don't know the going price so I have no idea what to expect. And, are there levels of detailing? Any advice will be appreciated.
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    Hot Wiring Your Car

    Like the rest of you, I have no idea how to hot wire my car. Aren't there some preventive measures on the newer models where you can't hot wire them? Seems like I have read about this somewhere.