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    Too many stop signs!

    Stop signs are a royal pain and lower gas mileage. In the city where I live, they are beginning to install roundabouts like they have in Europe. They work nicely as long as drivers know what they are doing.
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    Dumb Fed Ex driver

    I have a general dislike for delivery trucks because I'm from a large city. They double park and cause other problems so to hear something like this isn't all that surprising.
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    So hot out -ways to keep engine cool

    One of the things that most people don't consider is keeping the engine clean. If the engine is caked on with grease and gunk, it retains heat. Keep it clean and top it off with coolant.
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    Electric cars/hybrids

    I think what you have to consider is how long you are going to keep the car and where you drive. In my opinion, a lot of people don't keep their cars long enough to offset the price of the car.
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    Air Conditioner Troubles

    Never changed the condenser before but if the instructions are online and it looks pretty easy, give it a try. Might take a bit of time but in the end, you'll end up saving money.
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    Cars and built-in media

    Hopefully, it's set up so only the passenger can access it. Some drivers are bad enough without being distracted with on-board social media.
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    Tesla 2nd Generation Roadster

    Tesla announced it's 2nd generation roadster due out in 2014. The electric powered car is supposed to have 288 horsepower and go from zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds. That's just wild.
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    Old Motorcycles

    Your bike is 30 years old? That's incredible. Either Honda makes great bikes or you take good care of it or both. Regardless of what it is, happy riding.
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    Popularity of motorcycles

    I know for me, I kind of get "cabin fever" because I have to keep my bike locked up during the winter because of lousy weather. So when the weather is nice, first chance I get, I'm out for a ride.
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    There's a specific gasoline company that advertises that it contains techron which is supposed to keep your engine clean and running better. For me, I think it's just hype but what do others think?
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    Who drives a stick?

    How many people here know how to drive a car with a stick shift? I've read recently that there are fewer and fewer cars out there with a manual transmission.
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    Helmet law repealed

    I've heard both sides of the argument about whether or not helmets should be worn. Helmet wearers want to be safe. That's good. Those who don't want to wear helmets say they are hot and prevent the rider from using all of their senses while riding.
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    Gas Sites

    I use GasBuddy whenever I'm planning a trip so I know where the least expensive gasoline is. May seem like saving pennies at the time but pennies do add up.
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    Bugs in my car!

    Any chance of catching one of those suckers and taking it to your local pest control center? They have pros who can help you id the bugs.
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    Detailing - pay someone or do it yourself?

    I like to take the time and do it right instead of letting someone else do it. Takes time to do it but it's my car and it deserves it.