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    Changig the Oil

    We too have the city recycle, but you have to keep it forever until they have an open date for that kind of material. While checking around, almost all places like WalMart, etc., will take that and not charge you. That is what I now do.
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    Get a Second Opinion

    Unfortunately, that is more common than one thinks it is. There are so many out there waiting to "get" someone that it makes you sick to think about it. Buyer or customer beware!
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    Quite honestly, this may be more of a job than you think, so I would advise that you have an "off beat" firm paint it for you instead of going through all that and having it look much worse than someone who does that regularly. Just my opinion....been there and tried that.
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    Snow tires

    I would not pay someone to put in tire studs. If you look over the long haul in this issue, one might be wiser to have a spare set of tires with studs and just change to them when studs are absolutely necessary. The cost to have somone take the non-stud tires off and put on the studded set...
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    Dimming Lights

    I do the same, but can't say that for most people on the road.
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    License plate covers

    It would be silly to do that, any law enforcement officer that saw that on your plate would "KNOW" that you are trying to hide something and stop you to check.
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    Thanksgiving Travel

    Excellent advice that will make the trip easier.
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    Tires and some help please

    In the search for a leak, have you overinflated the tires and submerged them in water to see where the leaks might be when the little bubbles come up to the top?
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    Texting while driving

    Count me as one who thinks texting while driving should be against the law in every state. When one does this, quite frankly, I think they are a little short in the brains department to think this is O.K.
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    Trade in

    I have always done fine with trading in old ones. Besides all the other suggestions about being super clean inside and out and touched up, here is a trick that helps to get a better deal. I go to a dealer and tell him right up front that I am not buying a car today, but want to know his...
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    2 Wheel or 4 Wheel

    I think that used to be true more than it is now. They are made so much better in these days that I don't worry about that anymore. What I have is a 4X4 GMC truck (my fifth one) and I have never had an issue with any 4X4 for the past fifteen years. Previous to that time, I had issues with...
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    Foreign vs Domestic

    I agree with this one. That is the reason I purchased a Honda last time for an SUV 4 x 4 crossover. GM didn't offer what I wanted and I don't regret making the change from GM to the Honda. Next time around, I will again compare what is there to what I personally need just as you did Jason.
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    Liner or no Liner

    No doubt, it is money well spent.
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    Liner or no Liner

    I have tried both and the conclusion is clear. You do need a bed liner if you are going to "use" the truck for a truck in any way. In addition, this last truck I purchased, I had a "sprayed in" bedliner in there and that is by far (while more expensive) the best way to go. I love it and...
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    Car on a lease is dying

    The junk yards are definitely the way to go on this deal. If you find the right one, some have mechanics who can actually install the motor for you and it will cost a whale lot less than taking it to someone else....I can assure you, some of those dudes know more than some mechanics do in...