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    Car lights on busy freeways

    I live in a very rural area and we don't have a ton of traffic although it has increased quite a bit after the local university started expanding. I don't mind driving at night, but I do mind driving at night in the rain. It is so hard to do especially since I got new glasses. It makes my head...
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    Crazy drivers at the mall

    Ahh the joys of the holiday season. I seriously wonder what people are thinking nowadays. People move too quickly these days and don't give anyone the benefit of a doubt for any reason. I want to live in the mountains where you don't see anyone for miles and miles.
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    Decent mileage standards coming?

    I don't think that requiring a certain mileage and producing the expected results will make it so. I know that the car industry has been putting off using new technology to increase gas mileage, but I don't know if it will happen anytime soon.
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    Europe is running out of plastic

    I can understand running low on a product made as byproducts of oil production, but why can't they use recycled plastic products in the manufacture of new vehicles. Surely they have junk yards which have tons of parts that can be melted down and used again.
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    Driving In Bad Weather

    Currently, it's sleeting outside and I've been sitting in a nice warm house. Tomorrow though, I've got to go to the doctor and I do not look forward to driving on snow/ice/sleet. I wouldn't mind so much, but a lot of people are crazy when they get on bad streets.
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    Slash the stash

    Awesome! I have a friend who promised his niece that if her hair came out when she had chemotherapy, he would shave his off too. She lost her hair and he did as he promised. I think much more of the dude after he did this.
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    Cracked windshield

    Generally I think it's covered. I mean, it was an accident so it should be covered. I think it would be under our policy after the deductible was met. I haven't tested our policy though, so I don't know how easy it would be.
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    How Much Does it Cost?

    If you're asking for a full detail with the seats and carpet removed and washed, you're looking at $150. It takes a bit of time to do also.
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    Graphite Powder

    It's very easy to do. The powder usually comes in a small tube which has a nozzle on it which will allow you to place the powder in the lock hole. It's a simple and cheap fix. I use it on the locks on the house too.
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    Graphite Powder

    Every winter I try to remember to put some graphite powder in the locks on my van. They get fussy when winter comes and don't want to turn as easily as they should. So, I go to the auto parts store and buy some graphite powder to "grease" the lock mechanism. Works every time.
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    I would pay all of my debts and find some good investments. One of the most consistent things I would do would be to hire someone to clean the house. I hate to clean the house.
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    Oh no!! The chime!!

    I finally figured out what it is. The power driven middle passenger door has a sensor which is bad, it's worn out. So, in order to get the problem fixed, I have to have that sensor replaced. It's still driving me crazy but as long as I am driving steady, the chime doesn't start.
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    Heated Seats

    I have had a vehicle that had heated seats in the past, but I don't now. The van I have now is quick to heat and since it has passenger compartment heat and air, I don't usually worry about it.
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    Oh no!! The chime!!

    I have been having a chime going off in the van for some time now. I can silence it, but it will come back again and again. Every time I slow down or turn or stop, it will start again. I've checked everything I could think of to silence it for good but it just won't quit. It's not the fuel chime...
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    Another Heater Problem

    I replaced the fan motor but then it stopped again. I was able to rig it up to work when I wired another plug in on the power cord. I have spent a fortune on this van and I'm seriously thinking of trading it in.