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    Is the drive-through enough?

    I wash my car every week or so at home. I hate using those drive through car washes. They cost a small fortune to get my truck clean and even then I do a better job. Oh and I wipe the dust off between washes. And I have been known to stay home if I've just washed my car and it's raining.
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    I'm sure there are many more safety features on a bike built with today's technology. But there are also a lot more vehicles on the road and bikes seem to be invisible to some drivers. I'd ride a dirt bike before I'd get on a street bike today.
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    Age for a first motorcycle

    That sounds like a foolish thing to do. Teenagers have been known to make poor decisions when behind the wheel. At least in a car, they have a chance of surviving an accident. They have no chance on a bike.
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    Battery Rip-off?

    So I take my diesel truck into the dealer this past winter. The truck has about 30,000 miles on it and has been well taken care of. It's been hard to start only sometimes, and especially if it sits outside. You'd think the mechanic would use this information to try to figure out what was causing...
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    Battery Troubles

    Sometimes the connections can loosen or become corroded and then the car won't turn over. It's a good idea to replace or at least clean and tighten them when that happens, and certainly before replacing the battery.
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    Determining Gas Mileage

    Newer vehicles will show what the gas mileage is from fill-up to fill-up. The old way is to fill up a car and set the odometer to zero. Then the next time you fill up divide the number of gallons it took to fill into the number of miles driven. That will give you your miles per gallon.
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    Bike Storage

    We have always kept our bikes under lock and key in the garage or barn, It protects them from the elements as well as potential thieves. I figure why take an unnecessary chance?
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    Tire Pressure

    My wife's tire seem to always have a very slow leak so I bought a portable air compressor which attaches to the outlet in the car. When I put it on her tires, the pressure shows up. I try to check every few weeks.
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    My poor car

    We had some hail on the weekend too but it was small compared to what you experienced. Hope your insurance company takes care of the damages in full.
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    Sub Frame Rotting Out

    My sister took her car which is ten years old for an oil change and they showed her where the there was a hole in her sub frame and the sway bar is no longer attached. They told her she has to have the entire sub frame replaced and she's really upset of course. But I'm thinking that it could be...
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    Transmission and Radiator Service

    I usually check what the manual says and then add a few thousand miles to it before doing anything. But I do check coolant and transmission fluid every six months to see if it needs topping up.
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    Time for the Clunker to Go

    It's hard to swallow if she's only had the car a short time. But it's probably best to cut her losses and find a different vehicle before she sinks a ton of money into what sounds like a lemon.
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    Unrepaired repair job

    I hope you have the time to go in there with your car and the written report of the problem that you went in to have fixed. No doubt they'll find something else but maybe they'll give you a break on the price at least because you know it won't be something they did wrong, will it.
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    Car makeover

    I think you can get things like custom floor mats and seat covers a lot cheaper by ordering online. It's amazing what little things like this and taking the time to do a thorough clean-up can do to improve the overall appearance of a car.
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    For a 16 year old

    I would buy an older, larger type car that had a good safety rating. I would never put my teenager in a small compact car because with teenagers you just never know. Along with ownership should come responsibility. My parents bought me the car but I had to pay for gas and insurance or the car...
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    Easy Fix For Check Engine Light

    I always get stressed when I see the check engine light go on. Usually it costs more than I want to spend. But I finally had one that was a quick fix. I'd had to replace my gas cap recently and this one is harder to screw on fully. The last time I'd filled up, the cap came off way too easily so...
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    My Brother Bought A Beater

    My dad couldn't believe that he did that. So my brother now has a different truck with money borrowed from my dad and he's fixed the beater up a bit and has it for sale. And he's hoping and praying he gets his money back.
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    Prices of old vans

    These car salesmen smell blood in the water when a person expresses any kind of interest in a vehicle and then they won't leave you alone. Don't they realize that they'd do better if they just asked if you needed help, maybe gave you a business card and left you alone until you wanted help?
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    Slow Leak In Tire

    I don't know what it is and obviously neither do the guys at the tire store. They've had it off the car more times than I can count and eventually the tire always seems to lose air. Any ideas?
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    I'd suggest a dedicated tire shop. You can get tires for cheaper at a department type store, but the quality won't necessarily be as good. We were told that tires made specifically for certain chains are cheaper because they are made with less tread to start with.