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    Change car

    How often do you change your car? Do you like to buy new cars very often?
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    Bike Stunts

    Do you do any bike stunts with your bike? Or have you tried any stunts? How to learn to do bike stunts?
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    Car or Bike

    Do you like to drive a Car or a Bike? Which one will suit you better?
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    Speeding your car

    Do you like to drive your car at very speed or to drive it in normal what ever the traffic or road?
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    98 mustang

    My 98 model GT mustang has a problem. The engine gets heated up every 10 mins of driving. The water is there and insulation is perfect. But still the problem prevails. What would be the problem?
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    Engine Coolant

    How often does a engine coolant should be changed in the car? How to check whether the coolant should be changed or not?
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    Performance Loss

    Does the modification of a new car lower its performance in mileage and durability? How to maintain the performance while modification?
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    Speed Cutter

    Does the speed cutter needed in cars as in heavy vehicles? Do you think that cars nature is to go speed?
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    Renault on its Coverage

    Recently Renault joined with Mahindra. What basic technology had Mahindra gained from the racing regal Renault?
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    Mahindra Xylo

    Do you think Xylo can top the market? How is the performance of Xylo?
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    Car Insurance need help

    Always choose some reputed insurance firm. Better choose the one that is government aided. Though they return less amount they are better.
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    insanity test

    :) very old post and very old test. Better the members be active and improve the forum. It really nice here.
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    today good/bad?

    High Point is I was on leave today. Low Point is I'm having fever. :)
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    R8 Wallpapers

    Ya thanks for the wallpapers and its awesome. If possible post some wallpapers of Yamaha R15 and Benz SL65. Thanks in advance.
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    Recent movie thread...what have you seen?

    Recently i saw Australia. Not that much to the expectation. But can be seen atleast once.
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    How many of you follow Rules

    I strictly follow the traffic rules but exception in speed. I usually drive very safe and slow in all areas. But if there is no need i'll drive to my rule.
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    What is your MOST favorite car of all time?

    My favorite car of all time is Benz SL65. i like to buy one atleast before my life ends. :)
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    Who can tell me more in detail about

    Talk about anything here. and interested people will reply you at any cause. This is General Chat.
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    Safety Council: Ban Cell Phones While Drivin

    Its the rule being imposed by every government. And i too support it. It doesn't take a min to stop and answer the phone. And that precious minute can save your life.
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    I love ford brand. when it come to cars, always ford come to my mind and thats how the name came.