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    friends boat

    Boats are soo expensive. They say there are tohappinest moments of a boat owners life. The day he buys the boat, and the day he sells it. I can't afford to pay a couple hundred a month just to dock the boat. Not including the cost of cleaning and maintenance.
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    How Much Does it Cost?

    In the US. Depending on where you find the detailer. Usually its about $60-$250. It all depends on if the interiors completely done and leather finished. If they spend 8 hours on your car, it makes pretty good sense on why they can charge more. The cheaper prices I think are from the car washes...
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    Riding gear

    I'm looking for some new gear now. I never really had too much gear to begin with. I'm looking to spend a minimal amount of money, but I definitely want some pants and jacket. Anyone have any suggestions for retailers they used in the past? My local dealerships want 2-300$ for basic...
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    Pretty sight

    Hahahahaha. I bet a good amount of people had a big laugh at him on Christmas Day. Definitely get the guy to get some bags...
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    Good motorcycle for a beginner?

    Hi, I definitely would recommend a Ninja 250 as a starter bike. It's fast and nimble enough for you to ride around in town with. It's an easy bike to learn to ride on as well.
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    Sea Foam

    Seafoam really does help a lot. After I do a bit of seafoam on my car ( 3 years or so ) my MPG seems to rise, and my throttle is more responsive. It's a really good bang for the buck for what it'll do for your car and help last. I think it also cleans the O2 Sensors which is great.
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    Carbon Fiber?

    Carbon fiber is a bit played out now though. My buddies all have it on their new benz and bmws. I do like the look of it on the exteriors though, but once it starts coming like that from the factory...It got a bit played out.
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    Favorite car color?

    I really like the black color, but its so hard to keep clean. I like white too because it looks clean and is easy to clean :mmph: Less maintence and car washes for me haha