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    How much does a brand new motorcycle cost?

    How much does it cost to buy a brand new motorcycle? I ask because my friends got one (I don't know what kind yet). I am just curious as to how much they may have spent.
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    How many miles once gas light comes on?

    How many more miles can you get once your gas light comes on? I have tested it out in my car and I can get about 41 more miles once my light comes on.
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    Fourth of July Parking

    I think the one thing I hate about Fourth of July is having to pay $5 for parking, and that is for the spaces 3 blocks from the event!
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    Stupid Plastic

    The plastic on the underside of my car cracked near the bumper. It doesn't cause any problems but it makes a noise! I had to drill a new hole and bolt it in at the best thing I could find but it cracked again! Any ideas on this fix without replacing all the plastic?
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    HD Radio

    Who has an HD radio. I don't have one but there are a ton of commercials on the radio about it. It is weaseling its way in to my head and urging me to go get one. They any good?
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    My neighbors sold their car to get a motorcycle. This is now their only form of transportation. They are a young couple and not the nicest either. Today they asked me to take them to get groceries. I was busy so I said no. Did they not stop to think about this? They will have to get side packs...
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    Seat Belt Warranties

    If you have a car that has a life time Warranty on seat belts but they do not make the car anymore, can you still get the seat belt replaced for free?
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    Be nice to your neighbors

    I have no issue with a sound system. In fact I have one myself. However, I am considerate enough to know when and where I should turn it down. My neighbors will drive up to their house with theirs booming in the middle of the night. Be kind do your neighbors and turn it down before you get home.
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    Super Charge Hemi V8

    The new Dodge Challengers are retro-cool. But, how do you go about super charging something like a Dodge Challenger that has a new HEMI V8 engine?
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    What about electric cars?

    Would it be possible to get a sub forum for electric cars? I did not think they would be popular but I already know 3 people who own one.
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    Matching your car

    Have you ever gotten a leather jacket in the color that matches your car? Do you think it is dorky or cool to try and match your look to your car. Me, I think it is cool!
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    Driving gloves

    I am pumped. I was at the auto store and they had a really awesome pair of driving gloves on sale. I couldn't help myself, I had to buy them, this is my first pair! Anyway they will be nice to have in the winter.
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    Drivers test, parallel parking

    When you take the drivers test here you have to do a manuvrability test that involves 5 orange cones. Is there anyplace that still does parallel parking on the drivers test?
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    Best carpet cleaner

    I really need to do something about the carpets in my mini van. It is a total wreck. Does anyone know what the best carpet and seat cleaner is?
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    DVD shelf latch issue

    My sister has a DVD shelf over the back seat in her van. The problem is that the latch is not designed well, and it keeps flipping open, making DVD's fall on every ones head. Does anyone have a quick fix for this problem?
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    Dealer keys?

    I made a spare key for my car but it only unlocks the doors. When I put it in the ignition it will not turn. Does this mean the key has to have an electronic chip in it or something?
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    Electric car plugs

    I have a question about electric cars. Say you have an electric car and you plug it in. How do you keep pesky neighborhood kids and fiends from unplugging it?
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    Holiday driving

    When holidays like this comes around do you change the way that you drive? I know that I drive far more carefully and make sure to keep my eyes open.
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    Best sound system on **** My Ride

    I do not know if anyone else here was as obsessed with **** My Ride as I was but there were some incredible episodes. What was your favorite video or audio update **** My Ride made?
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    Enormous Nissan Recall

    We are seeing one of the biggest recalls happening in the history of recalls. Nissan is going to have some real trouble with this one. Global the recall will total 2.4 million cars. The US gets lucky because the number being recalled from the US is only 738,276 cars! Wow!