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    Comparison of Toyota to Ford Truck

    Hi, I still have not traded the GMC Canyon 4x 4 extra cab off and when looking at the Honda pickup, it is a pretty large truck(rather wide) for my garage. Looking for a smaller pickup and want to know if anyone has thoughts on which might be best the Toyota Tacoma or the Ford Ranger...
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    Honda Truck

    Has anyone had any experiece with the Honda Pickup truck? My present warranty on my truck is getting close in a couple of months and thought maybe I could get some first hand information on this truck and how relaible it is.
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    Tire problem

    Hi, I just had a new exprience with a tire on my GMC truck. About two weeks ago, I came home from a larger town about 30 miles away. When I pulled in my driveway and got out, one of my rear tires was about half way flat. I used one of those liquid inflators to air it back up and...
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    Hello, I own a GMC truck that just outlived the 3 year initial warranty. Therefore, I just puchased an extended 1 year bumper to bumper warranty from GM. Does anyone think this is safe and will protect me from problematic issues with this truck? Or, if the warranty will be honored...
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    Toyota Rav4 vs. Honda CRV vs. Suburu

    Hello, My wife and I presently have a Buick AWD SUV, but the wife wants a smaller and more efficient automobile or SUV that is a SUV or 4 x 4. We have been considering the Toyota Rav4, Honda CRV, and Subaru options. If anyone has any information or comparitive thoughts on these...
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    Open up and participate

    Hey, This forum has so much potential and we do have visitors, but it seems as not many want to post. It would be nice if we could hear what is on your mind in the realm of automobiles. Therefore, I would like to see some of the new members post when they visit.
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    Lubricity: Yep, that is what I said.

    Hi, I have a diesel utility tractor. As all of you know diesel engines have a problem some times in cold weather with the fuel "getting thick" or Jelly like in nature. I don't have that problem at this time, because some old farmer advised me to use not only the diesel fuel they sell for...
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    Forum Wanderer

    Hi, I am from Tech Support Forum as a moderator over there and decided to spend some time here on this sister forum to see what goes on here. While I don't have many car questions (aha, drive a SUV and small pickup truck that are under warranty or newer models now), I have had some...