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    How many miles once gas light comes on?

    It depends on the vehicle, in truth. The Sonata, hey, gas light comes on, and I've probably got another 50 miles or so of gas in the tank.... but the minivan, jeez, that comes on, and it basically means FEED ME NOW, I can't push my luck with it, I've had it stumble on me on route to the gas...
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    Stop leak spray

    You don't have to buy the expensive stuff... but that tire is now "shot" if you go that route. You'll need to have it replaced before too long, that 'patch' stuff isn't meant to take the heat that is produced while driving. Pay the $20 and have a tire shop fix it properly, it's cheaper than...
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    Like everyone else, I run antifreeze in my cooling system every winter. Someone told me that you need to get that out of there before the Summer heat and run just plain water, and I could've choked on my laughter. Yes, diluting the concentration is something I do if it's really hot, but...
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    #1 dangerous driving habit

    The whole schtick about cell phone use and driving has been all over the news. We're having it pounded into our heads that using a cell while driving is NOT a safe/wise thing to do. Well, the #1 dangerous driving habit.... its drinking coffee, particularly during the morning commute. Not only...
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    Divorce and car question

    The ex is stalling, and trying to stave off the inevitable... and perhaps a little maliciousness in causing grief is part of things. Go see your lawyer, get the paperwork in order, and send the damned bailiffs for the wheels. YOU the ex will argue with.... go ahead and argue with a bailiff...
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    Can you remove pin stripes

    Um, it may be possible with the use of certain chemicals, like methyl-ethyl ketone.... but the stuff is seriously toxic, evaporates very quickly, and may cloud the paint. Those things are made to come off easily, the adhesive bonds to the paint, if they came off easily, the consumer wouldn't...
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    I am totally confused by a certain behavior, and would really like it if someone could explain it to me: I've a spouse that is mechanically capable (as in, he is a type of mechanic as it is), but will NOT fix the "little things" that go wrong with either vehicle in the family. Unless it's...
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    The Worst Driver You Know

    If a pal can't drive a stick-shift, it's a guarantee they'll scare me silly in an automatic.... NO idea of where the vehicle is in traffic, a total lack of awareness: hard on the brakes, hard on the gas, and hang on for your dear life in the corners.
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    Favorite music

    I'm with you, Wini, if I'm doin' the driving, I'm choosing the music. It helps drown out rambunctious kids, too, and thanks to steering wheel stereo controls, I can do that without clueing them in about what it is I'm going to do! hahaha
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    Man, hubby's wheels look rough... even with a bra on it, his car is a spotted mess of crusty bug bodies. Outside of soaking the car to 'soften' said crusty bodies, is there any way of getting that groady icky bug-butter off the paint without damaging it or putting in a lot of effort?
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    Favorite music

    It really depends on the drive at hand! During the gridlock of rush hour, I'm likely listening to bobbi-sox music.... it's really hard to nuke the twit that just cut you off when you're singing along to SUNSHINE & LOLLIPOPS. Hahaha. Highway time.... I want something with a beat that I can get...
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    The Worst Driver You Know

    I've had several people scare the bejabbers out of me, and it turned out that they all had one thing in common: NONE of them could drive a stick-shift. I don't know if that has any bearing on things, but every person I know that can't' drive stick is able to scare me absolutely silly when I'm a...
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    Bad parking & karma

    O what, so the rules the rest of us follow don't apply to him? How nice.... so why have them at all, then? That sort of "me me me" behavior really gets my goat, and I'm evilly delighted to read that karma had some say in things. I'd rather walk 5 blocks than risk a ticket or being towed...
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    Watch for dear!

    I'll add bear to that list, if you don't mind, I saw one this morning on my drive home from work. In a densely populated areas of suburbia surrounded by interconnected greenspace, that's a huge worry; there's cougar and bobcat warnings out, too. It doesn't matter if it has 4 legs or 2, it's...
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    That is just too funny, and how typical, too. I used to toss my one neighbor my car keys whenever she needed groceries... but I wouldn't let her husband drive my ride, no way. He was far too aggressive on the road for my comfort and my insurance!
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    Blacked Out Tail Lights

    If visibility is the point, those covers negate it, don't they? They look cool in the daylight, but as you found out, they're not so cool for the others on the road come nightfall. I think the laws need to include a 'percentage' of the lights that MUST be visible thru the covers, like, oh, say...
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    Windshield Cracks

    It's a special type of glue that bonds with glass... and no, it's not crazy glue. A lot of time, that spot treatment is less than $100, and less than the deductible. But as the windshield IS an integral part of the vehicles' safety system, I urge you to address it.
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    Time to get a new car

    I never buy new, the depreciation just kills me. I'll buy an ex-lease or rental, or a domestic driver that's done highway time, that's a year or two old. I won't buy new.
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    Do you get expensive oil?

    That depends on the vehicle, in truth, and how old it is and how long I've owned it. Now, ask me about the jet-ski engines we build into runabout boats.... THOSE we ALWAYS use the name-brand stuff in, buying generic has been proven to actually kill the life span in less than 4 years. OUCH.
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    Little decorations

    I've seen a few custom paint-jobs that beg the question of WHY.... I also knew a fella that had to sell his Chev van when his kids came along, the mural on the side of it included a skeleton flipping The Bird in a graveyard scene. His wife refused to ride in it after the kids were born, and...