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    How much does a brand new motorcycle cost?

    How much does it cost to buy a brand new motorcycle? I ask because my friends got one (I don't know what kind yet). I am just curious as to how much they may have spent.
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    Auto Zone Test?

    Their tests are pretty accurate as far as the readings themselves go. However, no one at Auto Zone is qualified to tell you what has caused the reading.
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    How many miles once gas light comes on?

    I have always worried that the needle will randomly change. I am used to my 40 or so miles, but is there a possibility at some point it might decide not to tell me till I am at the FEED ME NOW point?
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    How many miles once gas light comes on?

    How many more miles can you get once your gas light comes on? I have tested it out in my car and I can get about 41 more miles once my light comes on.
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    Some people have the worst luck

    I would think twice before I did anymore work on it. Still, it is just the brakes, which you have to expect might go bad. Sometimes, with cars, when it rains it pours.
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    Tinted windows

    I have tinted back windows. My windshield and front windows are not tinted but I love having the tinted back windows. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    XM Radio

    If they are owned by the same company then how do you choose between them. Or are they going to be merging MX and Sirius radio into one thing?
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    I want to start bicycling every day, but I need to get a bike rack put on my car. I guess until I do that I am going to stick with jogging.
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    Angry Birds distracts me

    Whenever my kids play games or listen to music in the car (no matter the device) I have them wear headphones. I hate being distracted by stuff like that while I drive.
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    When do you give up?

    If I did not do anything in a year I would give it up. Of course if it becomes a classic then it might be smart to sit on it until it is, then it could be sold for more.
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    Divorce and car question

    Yeah, I would do something about it. If you do nothing and the other person gets in debt that could cause a problem. It would suck to get your car taken away because of debt of your ex.
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    Hyundai and Kia

    In the past I have never gone out of my way to buy American. However, now I do go out of my way to buy American every chance that I get.
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    Fourth of July Parking

    I think the one thing I hate about Fourth of July is having to pay $5 for parking, and that is for the spaces 3 blocks from the event!
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    Built in dashboard electronics

    I think they must use different materials that can withstand something like that. I was looking at the new Dodge Challenger and it's built in so you can't remove it from the car. Also, wonder what they cost to repair.
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    Do you get expensive oil?

    If you were to start using the really expensive oil and full injection cleaners from the first miles put on a car you could theoretically make it last forever.
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    Next checkup

    Yeah, but the coupons I get in the mail only discount the cost to what the full cost used to be before all the prices got jacked up. It really doesn't seem right.
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    Stupid Plastic

    The plastic on the underside of my car cracked near the bumper. It doesn't cause any problems but it makes a noise! I had to drill a new hole and bolt it in at the best thing I could find but it cracked again! Any ideas on this fix without replacing all the plastic?
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    Will injector cleaner work?

    I used it on my Dodge. It worked well although right after I first put it in my car died on me a few times. Then it ran really well so I was happy with it.
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    Next checkup

    You make a really good point. I think the only exception to that rule is to get on their mailing lists and wait until they mail you a coupon, at least the ones here do that.
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    Bath - inside and out

    I just got my mom a new dog seat belt at Pet Smart. I don't know if you have one there or if they are still running the sale, but it is worth checking out.