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    Do you believe in 2012?

    I dont know what to say. I believe in fate. If it is the fate will surely happen or its just another rumor.
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    Do you eat breakfast?

    Should never avoid breakfast. Its the energy builder for the whole day activity. Never miss your breakfast.
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    How old are you?

    I am 30 years old and my name is Allis. I am too crazy about cars and i test drive most of the cars whether i buy or not.
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    Do you know a lot about cars?

    Yeah but not all and not lot. I know few things about cars. I know how to do minor repairs, i know how to drive :P.
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    Should age..

    Yeah i too agree with you henry age does matter to differentiate love from other things like affection, liking etc.
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    Do you have kids?

    Yeah i have a daughter and she is 2 years old. She too loves the car.
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    NBA thread.

    NBA i just love it. Happy to see NBA fans here.!!!
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    Do you like your car?

    Yeah i love them more than my pet in my home. My beautiful white car. I dont even like a dust on it.
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    Bike Stunts

    Yup i love it. To learn bike stunt, initially you need to get hurt actually. Dont worry just kidding. Do any stunt in a safe environment with assistance.
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    I am young tats the reason i chose this name. I am 30 but still i say i am young funny huh? I am young :P
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    What do you want to do if you get 1 Million?

    If i get 1 million, i will buy a house and a porsche any model but latest and start a business. Well nice idea is it?
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    Where is everyone from?

    I am from Florida and its great here. Any one from Florida? I too like automobiles very much in fact i love it.
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    Best car for your Wife

    My wife loves red color and so the car color would be red. She like Porsche cars so any model in that car.
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    Wife vs Car

    I love both and obviously wife first!! Some may even prefer a car than his wife lol.
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    Car Race

    Car race in a track NO!!!!. But a friendly race in a high way it happens when we friends travel to a place and its fun.
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    Hello everyone

    Hey thanks for joining the community!! Welcome..
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    What is the top speed of Ferrari FXX

    What is the top speed of Ferrari FXX do any one own it? How is the experience?
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    How many fo you wear a seat belt

    How many wear a seat belt and drive safely? There is a rule to were seat belt do you follow?
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    Safety issues

    Hey Admin can you include a car safety measures forum? Just an idea!!!
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    A funny situation

    Have you ever left the car key in the car and locked the door? In automatic locking system often happens and in this situation, what did you do?