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    What is the top speed of Ferrari FXX

    What is the top speed of Ferrari FXX do any one own it? How is the experience?
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    How many fo you wear a seat belt

    How many wear a seat belt and drive safely? There is a rule to were seat belt do you follow?
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    Safety issues

    Hey Admin can you include a car safety measures forum? Just an idea!!!
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    A funny situation

    Have you ever left the car key in the car and locked the door? In automatic locking system often happens and in this situation, what did you do?
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    Tracking device

    How effective would be a tracking device when installed in a car? Consider a situation where the car is stolen and at this situation, it would definitely help us right?
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    What alarm system

    What alarm system do you have in your car? Is it effective any experience with it, please share here.
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    Tell about your car(s) performance

    How is your car(s) performance? Did you tune the engine to increase the performance? If so post the model and method of tuning.
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    Price down

    Any chance for a drop in price? I am from Florida and is there any good offers to buy a new car?
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    How much charged for a service?

    How much you are charged for one service? Not just a wash a whole service?
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    Chevrolet Traverse

    Traverse is more capable of doing what a SUV can do and its more efficient than those SUVs. What is your opinion on this guys?