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    Like everyone else, I run antifreeze in my cooling system every winter. Someone told me that you need to get that out of there before the Summer heat and run just plain water, and I could've choked on my laughter. Yes, diluting the concentration is something I do if it's really hot, but...
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    #1 dangerous driving habit

    The whole schtick about cell phone use and driving has been all over the news. We're having it pounded into our heads that using a cell while driving is NOT a safe/wise thing to do. Well, the #1 dangerous driving habit.... its drinking coffee, particularly during the morning commute. Not only...
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    I am totally confused by a certain behavior, and would really like it if someone could explain it to me: I've a spouse that is mechanically capable (as in, he is a type of mechanic as it is), but will NOT fix the "little things" that go wrong with either vehicle in the family. Unless it's...
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    Man, hubby's wheels look rough... even with a bra on it, his car is a spotted mess of crusty bug bodies. Outside of soaking the car to 'soften' said crusty bodies, is there any way of getting that groady icky bug-butter off the paint without damaging it or putting in a lot of effort?
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    Integrated child seats

    My one pal just replaced her mini-van, and 'gave up' the feature of integrated child seats as part of things. She is so scorched that she didn't hold out for the feature, because she's now cussing trying to fit booster and car seats alongside each other. I don't know if the option costs...
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    Smart cars

    My gal pal was just up to Vancouver, Canada, over the weekend, and she tells me there's an awful lot of "smart cars" up there on the roads. Does anyone else find the size of those things to be intimidating? I can't imagine the injuries if one was to be smoked into by an SUV, let alone a...
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    Full size or compact?

    What does your wheels have for a "spare" --- a "doughnut" spare tire, or a full-sized one? I have the full sized spare for both vehicles, but that's a matter of personal perference: I hate how my wheels handle with a "doughnut" on.
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    Too funny

    My buddy's kid is old enough and big enough not to require a car or booster seat anymore: at 9, the kid is a bruiser. What made me laugh is that the kid is attached to the booster seat in his Mom's van, and will NOT give it up or stop using it. Then again, if the kid is afraid of growing...
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    OK, it's been a LOONNNNNGGGG time since I was on a motorcycle, and while it's been so long, I'm still aware of what's going on around me as regards the machines. I keep seeing people on motorcycles with 'beanie' helmets, and naked arms. I was taught that you don't ride unless you're...
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    Cassette deck works...

    My one set of wheels is from the mid90's, and has a cassette deck in it that is actually working (as well as a CD player). Every tape I've put into the machines in the house has been eaten in recent times... do I dare risk that happening to the cassette deck in my wheels ?
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    Emissions testing

    I know this exists in CA, and in one or two parts of Canada... and it's apparently a great way to help Mother Nature and cut green house gasses. What's your take on tail pipe and emissions testing?
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    How old is too old?

    I'm curious - if it was to be a second family vehicle, how old is TOO old for you to consider when it comes to a used vehicle? It's 2011, and one of our rides is a 96....
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    Good laugh

    I received an email from a friend, speaking of a classic car he was thinking of buying... but it's got a carb, and he speaks fuel-injection. Carbs are easier, in my opinion, to fix yourself, even if there less fuel-efficient. Carbs were on their way out when he was a kid, and because both...
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    The one school bus I drive has an issue with condensation: between the panels of glass on the passenger doors. Um, factory ordered in 2008, it's an 09 model: it's been a warranty nightmare for the Bosses. That spot of condensation is annoying me majorly, and I do not want to pop out the...
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    Wiper fluid

    Does the bug-busting stuff work as well as the advertisers claim? I haven't had to really worry about that up until this past week, it's been really wet up in this corner of the country. A hot day, though, and bug splatters from a drive down the highway were glued in place that I had to...
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    vents and ducts

    Has anyone found anything other than a toothbrush, a pipecleaner, or a Q-tip, to clean the dust from INSIDE of the air vents in a vehicle? It drives me nuts, I detail the inside of the car, and what stands out? the dust just INSIDE of the vents, almost taunting me.... :mmph: That's...
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    Spot bots

    Spot bots are little spot-cleaning carpet cleaners, and I LOVE mine for doing the carpets in the car and the van. I don't pay to take my van to a detail place anymore, me and the kids make some of it in the front yard instead.
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    NHL apathy?

    It's playoff time, and unless there's a team from your hometown, it seems few are paying attention to the Cup Playoffs. Is it just me, or are fans hockeyed-out?
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    Gas prices in Canada

    I just got an email from a friend of mine up the Vancouver way in Canada, and she included a picture with it: the sign at a gas station. Are ya ready for this? $1.41.2 per liter, or $ 5.64 per U.S. gallon. Excuse me, I think I need to find my bicycle helmet. :shocked:
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    Gas station doesn't sell WHAT?

    I can't believe this, but so help me it's true! The local fuelling up spot doesn't sell tranny fluid. It has a full-out convenience store, name your junk food, but a GAS station that doesn't sell automotive-related products? Yer kidding me? :mmph: