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    Lectures on tape

    I'm going to be on the road a day a week for a few months starting next week. I thought I'd try taking an audio course of some sort. Have you any recommendations? I looked at the book store, but I think I'm going to have to dig around online this weekend for a better selection.
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    Bike racks and bike carriers

    For those of you who have used bicycle racks on top of your car or racks on the back, what type do you like the most? We're considering getting bikes this spring and want to carry them. I'm short and wondering how difficult it is to use those carriers where the bike sits on top of your car.
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    Favorite car movie

    We were batting around movie titles over the holidays with some of the different generations in our family. The subject came around to all-time favorite movies featuring cars. Of course, movies like "Cars," "Christine" and "Back to the Future" came up. What other movies rank up there in your...
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    Who is getting a new car?

    Okay -- Santa is coming. He's bound to be leaving someone a new car in the olde stocking. Who's going to admit getting a new ride this Christmas? I'm not, but one year, I actually did get a new, fully paid for automobile for Christmas. It was fun answering that question that one wonderful season.
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    Car trouble out of town

    My wife was shopping today in a city an hour away, when her car totally quit on her. She had it towed to the nearest repair shop, and rode home with a friend who was also shopping in the area. Luckily for me, I didn't have to drive to her rescue. Now I'm either going to have to deal with an...