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    Average cost for a custom paint job?

    My brother and I have been fixing up an old Harley as a gift for our other brother. We'd like to have the tank custom-painted with a design I came up with. I can draw some and the design is cool but I don't know much about painting the tank so I'd like to pay someone to do it. Any ideas about...
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    Bearings gone in front driver's side tire

    My brother-in-law asked me about this and I don't have a clue but I figured someone in here might know. The mechanic told him that his bearings in the driver's side front tire were gone and it would be about $300 to fix it. Well, he didn't have the money so he's been pushing on without the...
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    Fixing a tear in the seat

    What's the best way to deal with a rip in a vinyl seat? It's just a small tear that I'm thinking the previous owner had something in his pocket or perhaps keys hanging that caught on the seat - that's about where it's located. I want to prevent it from getting bigger but I'd like it to not...
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    Anyone here do any classic car restoration?

    I'd like to find some good sources for hard-to-find parts and accessories for classic cars and trucks. I know that it's usual to have to search around, especially for truly rare parts but I would like to have a good-size list of the first places to try.
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    Is OnStar worth it?

    We've been thinking about getting OnStar enabled in our next vehicle but I'm hesitant with paying a monthly bill for a service that I might not need. It's great if there is an accident, of course, but how useful is it the rest of the time? Do you have OnStar and do you find it to be worth it?