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    Crazy commercial drivers

    Today I was sitting at a red light and the commercial truck next to me (for a local heating company) started across the light. He anticipated it changing about a full minute early and had to slam on the brakes about a foot after the stop line so that he would not run the light. I wanted to get...
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    Tree is out

    I finally got around to getting the tree down and out of the house this morning. We have just been so busy that there was no time for it. I am so excited that it is done now and I don't have to worry about it any more. All the ornaments are back in the basement storage area and everything is...
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    Almost died!

    Last Friday night we were driving home from a family Christmas party on the other side of town. It was about 10:30 at night and the street lights near our house had already switched to blinking. We had the blinking yellow and the cross street had the blinking red. I am so glad that the SO slowed...
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    Half of the traveling done!

    Today I worked until 3:30. Then we loaded up the car and we undertook the 5.5 hour journey to my families house. We got in about 10:30. Tomorrow we will have dinner at 2PM and then head back home because we have appointments and work on Wednesday.
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    Surgery at Christmas

    A family member just found out that they are going to have to have major surgery 3 days before Christmas. She is worried that she is going to ruin everyone's Christmas. We are all upset that she will have to spend the holidays in the hospital.
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    Truck smells festive

    We went and picked up our tree last week and my truck still smells like pine tree. That's what you get when you have a real tree though. I kind of like it. I wonder how long the pine tree scent will stick around?
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    Got the tree!

    We were really busy and running a little behind this year but after walking around the tree farm for about an hour we chopped down the perfect tree. I was just tall enough for our living room and not too fat either. We don't have a lot of room and it is hard to judge size when they are outside...
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    What's on your playlist?

    I have found a new artist I really like and I have had Alex Clare's album The Lateness of the Hour on repeat all week. I love the bluesy, jazzy feel of it. I don't think I will ever get tired of it. What's on your playlist?
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    Slash the stash

    I was watching David Axelrod, the Senior Advisor from the Obama campaign, on Bill Maher this afternoon and he is doing this great thing. He is raising money for epilepsy research and if they raise $1 million this month he will shave off his mustache. This is close to my heart because I suffer...
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    BCS rant

    So this weeks BCS rankings came out and Notre Dame is ranked number 3 behind Kansas State and Oregon. I am a huge Irish fan so I am a little upset that they are 10-0 on a tougher schedule than the other 2 teams and got ranked by the BCS computers at 1 and 2. Teh thing that dragged them down? The...
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    Antifreeze smell

    I had my radiator blow out on me over the summer and I had it replaced with a shiny new one. Since the weather has gotten colder and I started using my heat I smell antifreeze in the car. Could this be burning off from when it blew still or should I be worried?
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    Switching insurance coverage

    Right now, I have full coverage on my vehicle which means that if I were in an accident and the car was damaged the insurance company would pay up to the value of the car for repairs or replacement. It is pretty expensive and since my car is now a decade old, I am thinking about getting PLPD...
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    Getting hurricane backlash

    So it seems odd to me but even as far west as Michigan, we are getting backlash from the hurricane. We have a high wind advisory in effect for the next 2 days citing wind gusts in excess of 50 MPH. I can't imagine how much worse it is for the people that are actually in the path of this storm...
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    Fell down the stairs

    Super klutz has struck again! Last night I slipped and fell down my basement stairs. I caught myself but ended up pulling a muscle in my shoulder/back when I grabbed the railing to stop my descent. I swear, one of these days I am going to stop being such a klutz.
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    I need sun!

    I have not seen the sun in two whole days. It has been gloomy, overcast and rainy. I am so not ready for 4 months of this and I am hoping we get some clearance today.
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    Stranger in my yard

    I go out to my car every morning at 6 am to head to work. I never see anyone else out and there is barely any traffic. This morning I came out and there was a man in a hooded jacket walking across my outer lawn and crossing the street. It kind of freaked me out.
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    Mystery flat

    My truck is really not liking me this month because along with the fuel pump going out a few weeks ago, I also got a flat tire for no apparent reason the other day. When I took it to the shop, they said their was a hole in the sidewall. The tire was only about a year and a half old for goodness...
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    Windows and birds

    Where I work, they have a house full of large windows. It is great for the view of the beautiful yard and pond but I swear every 10 minutes a bird is flying into them. I have seen some birds hit so hard that they were either killed or stunned for several minutes. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    Exterior getting a facelift!

    My SO has finally decided he has time to devote to painting the shutters, eaves troughs, garage door and front door of our house. It looks so much better as it was a much needed makeover.
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    Getting better gas mileage

    I put a new fuel pump in my truck last week and the one thing I have noticed since the repair is that I am getting better gas mileage. Before the repair I was putting a full tank in on Friday and with minimal driving I was empty by Monday. I made it all week on 1 tank of gas last week and I...