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    Staying safe in your car

    I keep having thoughts about the woman in Hurricane Sandy whose children were swept away after her car stalled in the advancing waters. Besides evacuating earlier, is there any extra thing people can do is these situations to guard against such tragedies?
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    Cars in the floods

    It breaks my heart to see all those cars in heaps and flood waters in the Northeast. Of course, I feel even more so for the people, but all those cars are a horrendous sight. I'm hoping they had lots of the right kinds of insurance.
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    How to buy a used car

    An older friend whose husband died recently really needs a new car. Her old one is in the shop more than it is at her home. She has asked me to be on the lookout to help her find an affordable used one. What are some tips on helping her without having her end up with a bum car?
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    Cardboard bicycle

    I was intrigued by a recent article on the cardboard bicycle a man has constructed and patented. The thing lasts for a long time and is inexpensive enough to make it disposable. His plans are to make it available to third-world countries where people cannot afford expensive metal bikes. It is...
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    Be careful on thos bikes

    Be careful on those bikes After breaking both of my legs, one arm and taking three years to recover, I can give first-hand advice to people. Be careful when you're on a motorcycle. The car in front of you can stop so suddenly that you can't avoid hitting it. In my case, a car pulled out to...
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    New car colors

    What is your favorite of the new car colors for the fall? I'm hankering for a new car, but I haven't fallen in love with any of the colors out there.