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    Car lights on busy freeways

    I'm not often out at night in a big city, but we just got home from just such a trip. There was so much traffic coming home, and it started to rain lightly. The winding cars in all the lanes stretching out ahead of us and on the other side of the freeway looked like giant strands of Christmas...
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    Christmas storage?

    My neighbor has most of her Santa presents stored in the trunk of her vehicle. She says it's the only way she can make sure her kids don't find their Christmas gifts before it's time. I would be so worried about something happening to them in the car all that time. Is this a normal thing? We...
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    How much stuff?

    I always keep way too much stuff in my car. I try to clear it out every Friday, but it doesn't take any length of time at all before there are groceries, books, blankets, kids' clothes and papers all over the place, not to mention empty bottles and straw papers from soft drinks. How much stuff...
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    New car and long trip

    My better half and I have been discussing a cross-country driving trip, which both of us have wanted to do for many years. We would take a leisurely route and enjoy the journey. We've toyed with the idea of flying to the opposite coast, buying a new car there and then driving it home. Has anyone...
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    Would you buy another one?

    My brother-in-law bought a Prius a few years ago and swears he'll never buy another electric car. I've thought about buying one, but now I'm not so sure. What has been your experience with electric cars?
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    Spring checklist

    We're having a freezing snap this weekend, which makes me wonder if I have the right levels of antifreeze in the car. It's still mighty close to spring. What are specific things we should do as winter winds down and spring blows in as far as maintenance to our vehicle is concerned?
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    I want a new car

    I am so ready to buy a new car. I just have to vent. I've been good and kept this one for a lot longer than I usually keep a car. The economy has been terrible and I feel guilty for feeling this way. I'm going to try to be good and resist for at least another year. I just needed to have a...
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    Super Bowl Auto Ads

    So, which Super Bowl car ad did you enjoy the most? I didn't get to see all of them, but I was impressed by the Lexus 2015 ad. They showed it again this morning on CNBC and talked about the Chevrolet ad, although I didn't see that one. I'll be on the lookout for it.
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    Prettiest gas station

    When I drive into a gas station these days, I often remember this one station from my youth. The owner pumped your gasoline, cleaned your windows well, checked your oil and did all sorts of things to please you. He was always washing the pavement and sprucing up the place. He grew the most...
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    Hey everyone

    I am happy to find a website where we can get together and talk car stuff. I like cars and motorcycles and everything related to them. I wish I knew more about the mechanical parts of them.