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    Eating in the Car

    No no i am against to eat in the or have a party in the car with drinks,with this your car get inserted and badly hit by others if you allow eating in the car.So i never eat in the car and also my friend have the same habit.
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    Why can't we figure this out?

    Yeah good point to be notice,no one focusing on it.I am not sure about it but if anyone knows a proper clue about it so please tell us.Its a type of general information so we also get the reason of it.
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    wiper fluid

    Yeah Wal-Mart brand is good for the fluid,i am using it and its quality is good and wiper work better with it and never take us in any tension even in the bad weather.
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    New car and long trip

    Nice to know about your stories with a New car and its very interesting,when i buy my new Mazda Rx 7 so i had also go for a long trip with my friend so we had a lot of fun out there.I miss that moments.
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    Do you use the AC a lot ?

    Yeah i also use the AC a lot because of the dusty environments and a lot of traffic on the roads so AC keeps you and you feel better with this.But enough use is not good for it.
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    BMW cars

    As you know BMW represent many cars and from a long time this company produced many models,i like all of its so much.Everyone has its own choice but i like the X-Series of BMW most of the others.Its a different one and new.
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    Best car to take your license road test in

    I took my road test in a classic car and when i drive it so its have a lot of fun and i easily drive because its not an expensive car and also not cares about any of the accident because the car flow is mind blowing so that,s why i prefer these cars.
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    FloorLine DigitalFit

    Yeah i like your sale product,its very awesome in design and colors are also avail for my car,its angles and sizes are different for different car or may be the same one.I would like to know its price to buy it for my car.
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    noise polution

    Yeah i agree with your all point as you know young generation is very much attractive toward the vehicles and the music so when they drive car,the stereo blast in a chilly mood because young people enjoy music so its a big sort of noise pollution,adults and professional don,t like this.
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    Tire Pressure

    Nice to know the suggestion about tire pressure,and how to perceive the tire pressure in your tire.Its a general information for all the vehicle holders but it is different in different vehicles,so manage it as vehicle weight and category.
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    Vintage Car Show

    Nice to know about your viewing of the Vintage car shows,actually i am a mechanic by profession and i am fully interested in the cars and want to know everything about the cars.I am interested in classic cars and Vintage cars so i had also seen many Vintage shows and these shows are really awesome.
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    Michelin Tires

    Michelin is a good tire company and and have a value in the automotive market,everyone has its on choice to choose the tires some people use Bridge stone and some other companies,but as a mechanic i sure about the guarantee of Michelin tires.
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    I think every company want to sale his products on a higher margin mean to say to make a good profit.Petrol formula is same of all the companies but they adding some compounds in a minor ratio and test it,if it work better than the past so they will give it the name of techron etc whatever.
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    Do you visit the mechanics often?

    Actually that,s not issue if the mechanic is your friend so you can take your car again and again to it,actually i am also a mechanic by profession and interested in vehicles from my childhood.So my opinion about a mechanic mind is true.
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    Broken Window

    Oh that so sad to know about your car,DIY total repair so its a big fault of your car but not take any tension and take it to a experienced mechanic in you area,its no very expensive to fix it but it also depends on mechanic nature.
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    Halloween Rides

    Glad to know about the Halloween ride,its all about the Vintage and classic cars,i am fully interested in these cars and love these all cars.You mentioned in your submitted link for it.Some of the shots taken by the famous movies to be famous in the world.
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    Summer cars

    There are many cars which are able to drive in Summer and some models of Ford,Cadillac etc which are open roof and also best for the summer and specially design for the summer.Which one you like?
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    Heated Seats

    Nice to know about the heated seats but i had never tried it in my experience and also hear about it first time.I search for it now i am fully understand about it.i would like to try it soon in my new project of Ford.
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    Which is the best automotive accessories company?

    Now as the technology get advance so there are many companies introduced in the automotive market for the car parts and accessories and many online companies and store are established.I like the eBay most of one and many other which have a quality of accessories.
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    Engine Oil

    All engine oils are a like but purity of it is its quality,i would prefer Castrol which is best for our vehicle.I used it from many year and my engine fits with it,none any type of leakage or any other fault.I like it from my personal experience to use it.