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    Crazy commercial drivers

    He was way out in the intersection. So much so, had a car come down the other street they would have had to swerve to miss him. I never roll into the intersection until the light turns green.
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    Wrecker service

    I am on really good terms with my mechanic. I go to a local shop. Last time I needed a really expensive job done they worked with me on a payment plan because I didn't have all the money up front.
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    Carry an extra key

    Wow, my car won't lock if the keys are still in the ignition. I guess I am pretty lucky. I do have an extra key in my purse though.
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    Crazy commercial drivers

    Today I was sitting at a red light and the commercial truck next to me (for a local heating company) started across the light. He anticipated it changing about a full minute early and had to slam on the brakes about a foot after the stop line so that he would not run the light. I wanted to get...
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    Snow be gone

    We have had hardly any snow where I live this winter. Usually by now we have had a couple of feet. Actually it has been 50 the last couple of days and last night we got a rain storm! You would think it was April not January.
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    Hate the defrost

    Wow, that stinks. I have an SUV so I have a rear defroster. I would have to run my car for an hour to defrost the back if I didn't have rear defrost. I guess the only other option for you is to scrape the windows in the morning.
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    Almost died!

    Vroom, we have had power outages too, where non working lights should be treated as 4 way stops. People have no idea what to do when this happens and everyone goes nuts. I agree if you don't know the rules of the road you shouldn't be driving.
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    Tree is out

    Mustangs, I received a brand new vacuum for Christmas and I was shocked at how easy it was to get all the pine needles up. I forgot how roomy my living room was.
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    Tree is out

    I finally got around to getting the tree down and out of the house this morning. We have just been so busy that there was no time for it. I am so excited that it is done now and I don't have to worry about it any more. All the ornaments are back in the basement storage area and everything is...
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    Turn with or away?

    I was always told to turn into the spin as well. It is against your instincts but if you turn into the spin, you are more likely to get your car to come out of it. I have had to do this plenty of times and it works.
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    Broken Window

    We have the same problem with one of our vehicles. We don't drive it much so we haven't bothered to get it fixed. We were quoted a high price too. The motors are expensive and it is a very difficult DIY repair because you have to take the whole door apart.
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    Rotating Tires

    I have them rotated about every 6 months when I get to the tire place. Lifetime rotation and balance was included in the purchase price of my tires so I make use of it.
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    Anything for your car for Christmas

    I did not get anything for my car for Christmas. I need new floor mats so that would have been a really nice gift. I can't complain about what I did get though.
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    Favorite car movie

    I like action movies so the Fast & the Furious franchise and Gone in 60 Seconds come to mind. I like fast cars and those two movies are full of them.
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    Almost died!

    We were on a residential road with a 35 MPH speed limit a block from our house not a highway. The car was going faster than the posted speed limit though. I wish there would have been a cop there to pull them over though.
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    What do you use to plow?

    We have only gotten snow that deep once since I have been living in a house instead of an apartment. I went at it with the snow blower. I would never try shoveling snow that deep without some backup that's for sure. We haven't even gotten enough snow to shovel this year.
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    Almost died!

    Last Friday night we were driving home from a family Christmas party on the other side of town. It was about 10:30 at night and the street lights near our house had already switched to blinking. We had the blinking yellow and the cross street had the blinking red. I am so glad that the SO slowed...
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    Christmas Road Trips

    We drove to my family's house 5.5 hours away. It was a long drive but we didn't see very much traffic at all. We had good weather though. I was just glad to get home last night, so we could finally relax.
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    Steve-O Killer Karaoke

    We caught part of this the other day when we were channel surfing. It was crazy. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to do this sort of thing but some people will do anything for money I guess.
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    Half of the traveling done!

    Yeah it was a lot of traveling in a very short time span. We didn't run into any bad traffic but we were traveling late night anyway. I was glad to be home last night that's for sure.