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    How does driving impact on fuel economy?

    I remember seeing a movie a very long time ago. I can't remember what movie it was but what I do remember is a lady constantly telling the driver to drive slow because this will save gas. Is this true? Does driving slower help you save gas?
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    How loud is too loud?

    While I was in driving school they taught us not to listen to music too loud because you need to hear the traffic and sirens or any other important noises, but they never said how loud is too loud. What do you think? How loud should you set your speakers?
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    Do you use the AC a lot ?

    I was wondering if you use the air conditioning in your car a lot. I tend to always turn mine on, although I know it's not a great idea. Do you use yours all the time too?
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    CDs and bumpy roads

    I have a question: what should I do if my CD keeps jumping every time I hit a bumpy road? The CD is clean so there's no need to use a CD cleaner. Is there something wrong with my CD player?
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    How do you wash you car?

    When I go to the car wash I go to one of those "do it yourself" places. This way I wash every inch of my car and make sure it is spotless. Do you also proceed like this or do you just wash the dust off and be done with it?