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    Tire leaking

    My passenger side rear tire is leaking air! There is no hole in the tire. We put 40 pounds of air in it last Friday and yesterday when we checked it was down to 20. What the heck?
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    Turn with or away?

    If you are driving and hit ice and start to spin which way do you turn your wheel? I have always thought that you should turn it against the spin. I was told today at work that you should turn it the same way you are spinning.
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    What do you use to plow?

    We had 14 inches of snow dumped on us last night. My daughter and I worked the shovels this morning. My hubby is plowing with our tractor. I have seen some neighbors trying to plow with ATVs and a couple with snow blowers. Plowing with our tractor looks a lot easier for sure.
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    Big storm coming in

    It looks like we are in the path of a big storm coming in tonight and tomorrow morning. Only problem is we are heading out in the morning to head to Maryland. It's a 5 hour drive and I don't want to drive in the snow. Wish me luck!
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    Blinker - turning signal

    What is the general rule for how soon or fast you turn on your turning signal? My gramps told me that you had to have it on long enough to get 6 blinks and then you were fine. He used to be a bus driver. What is the actual rule?
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    Did you...

    Today is Veteran's Day. Did you thank the veterans that you know today? How about others you don't know? I called all the members of my family that are in or were in the military to thank them this morning.
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    Did you vote yet?

    Have you voted yet? Its your right and duty so get out there and vote. I took my daughter with me, she was pretty excited. There were quite a few people when I went to vote. I hope everyone answers yes!
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    Hurricane Sandy

    I live in Upstate NY and we are in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Anyone else in the path? What are you doing to prepare yourself, your home? Supposed to get pretty windy here tomorrow!
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    Warming the car up

    Tis the season to get up earlier in the morning. Yes, to warm up the car before driving to work. Its been really cold in the morning so she (car) needs a little extra warm up time.
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    Scary movies

    I can't believe all the old scary movies that have been on TV lately. Jason and Friday the 13th was on today. My kids and I have been watching them. Brings back old memories.
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    Too fast for road

    Some idiot teen driver today took our corner too fast and ran into my husband! My husband had just pulled out of our driveway - went about 15 feet and this kid crossed the line and hit him. It's a good thing it was my hubby and not me. My hubby was driving the truck. It only ruined his rim and...
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    Driving in flip flops

    I am not going to drive in flip flops anymore! I almost wrecked this morning because my flip flop got caught under the brake. I could not stop! I was able to use my left foot and hit the brake. It was scary though! Do you drive in flip flops?
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    Best car to take your license road test in

    If you had to take your road test all over again, what kind of car would you want to use? My daughter doesn't want to use my car (says it's too big). My mom has a much smaller car. I told her she needs to practice in whatever car she is taking the test in.
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    We had a hayride yesterday! It took about 40 minutes and was a ton of fun. We had about 25 people on the wagon. My daughter decorated the wagon with ribbons and balloons. All the cars that passed us or drove by us honked and waved. Of course we were in the country. It was a lot of fun. Anyone...
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    Funny story

    My daughter is just learning how to drive. She was driving today down our hill and she accidentally hit the shifter. The car was in neutral so when she gave it gas nothing happened. She was freaking! I had to tell her to look down. Glad I was with her when this happened.
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    Baby puke smell

    My car smells like baby puke and I don't have a baby! I don't know what is causing it but I need it to stop. What can I do? I don't see any stains but something really smells!
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    Pumpkins and festivals

    Bring them on! I am ready for Fall! I can't wait for my pumpkins to start to turn orange. I can't wait for the mums to start to bloom! I love fall festivals too. I'm ready for an end to the heat, can't you tell?
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    Body screams!!

    I swear I thought I was in great shape. I just got back from NYC and it was a blast. I can't believe how much walking there is though. I walked all over the place. My back and legs were so tired and achy each night when I went to bed.
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    A buddy of mine just bought a new truck (new to him). He already is talking about putting a lift kit on it. No idea why or what that entails. Anyone know what the purpose is?
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    Teaching teens to drive

    :shocked: My daughter is less than a month away from being 16! I don't want to teach her to drive. I want her to stay a kiddo forever. So anyway, I can't parallel park to save my life. How am I ever going to teach her?