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    Fall is in the air!

    It is such a nice change from some of the hot weather we have been having. Although the hot days haven't gone away entirely, we are now having some cool mornings and evenings. :smile:
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    It's closer then you think. :smile: Do you go all out for it? Decorate the yard and house? Have a party? Our neighbors really do! We always have candy for the kids but that's about it.
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    Having a Carport installed

    We have decided to have one of those large carports installed by our house. We don't have a garage so our car always stays out in the open all the time. Does anyone else have one of these?
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    3,000 or 6,000 miles?

    I keep hearing different things on this but how often do you change your oil? Some say every 3,000 miles and some say 6,000 miles? It's a bit confusing.
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    Hi from Marie......

    This forum really looks interesting and I'm hoping to pick up some car tips. I think the more I know the better when I shop for my next car. :)