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    The Car Wash

    I ran my dirty car through the automatic car wash yesterday and it did pretty good. Didn't get as clean as it would have if I had done it but it'll do in a rush. How often do you use the carwash?
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    Dry Weather

    We are so dry here in the south east that it's not funny. I just heard that the mighty Mississippi is so low that it may affect commerce to the entire nation. Hope we get some rain soon!
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    How Much Does it Cost?

    How much should I pay for a detailing job? I don't know the going price so I have no idea what to expect. And, are there levels of detailing? Any advice will be appreciated.
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    Heated Seats

    It was 22 degrees outside this morning and I sure was glad for my heated seats on the way to work. This is a luxury that I haven't had before. I can't leave them on long because it gets too hot. Do you have heated seats and do you like them?
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    Rust Spots

    I have an older Dodge that is just begining to show some rust spots around the edges of the hood. What can I do to prevent these from becoming larger without having the whole vehicle sanded and painted?
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    Heated Seats

    I have heated seats in my Dodge. Although I don't use them much, it sure is nice in the winter time to get all nice and toasty on the way to work. How do you like heated seats?
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    Michelin Tires

    I currently have michelin tires on my Dodge Durango. After the recent heavy rains we've had, I noticed they are bad to hydroplane. Is there any one tire better than others that will not hydoplane?
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    Smart Cars

    Just watched s u-tube video on the safety of Smart Cars. It's very interesting. I was surprised at how well they did in a high speed crash. The video did say that although the car did well, the humans inside probably would not have. Go check it out and see what you think.
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    Our newspaper headlines today related 2 fatalities from a motorcycle accident yesterday. High speed, rain slick roads and lack of experience contributed to the accident. I am just not a motorcycle fan. Nothing between me and the road.
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    Bent Wiper

    My driver's side wiper doesn't meet the windshield in one spot which just happens to be right at my eye level. The wipers aren't bad and I've tried bending the arm to make it work but to no avail. Any suggestions out there?