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  1. Midnight Tech

    Rainy Day Drivers...

    We had a heavy thunderstorm today, and I met many drivers driving in a heavy downpour WITHOUT HEADLIGHTS! I think most (if not all) states have a law that states headlights must be on when raining. Obviously these fools haven't heard about it. They just don't realize how invisible their vehicles...
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    What are you driving?

    Post pics of your ride!
  3. Midnight Tech

    Gas Prices

    How much is gas running in your area?
  4. Midnight Tech


    Working on getting this place back up and running...
  5. Midnight Tech

    How have you helped someone out in a pinch?

    Just wondering - how have you used your car or truck to help someone out in a pinch?
  6. Midnight Tech

    Banned e-mail addresses

    NOTICE! This is an announcement to let folks know that if you attempt to register from any of these addresses, your account WILL NOT be created. These email addresses are well-known as being sources of SPAM. Banned E-mail addresses: *, *, *, *, *
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