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    Recycled Tires

    Does anyone know if they still take old tires and recycle them to where they help make asphalt? I know years ago that was on the news, but I'm not hearing anything about it lately.
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    Another Olympic "Sport"?

    I heard on the news the other day that they're thinking about making pole dancing an Olympic sport. Pole dancing? Really? I always thought of the Olympics as having family friendly competitions, but pole dancing doesn't fit into that category. Does it?
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    Electric Car Upgrades

    With all the news recently about the performance improvements they're making with electric cars, do you think there's going to be a noticeable uptick in sales?
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    Walking vs. Driving

    I heard a story on the news about a guy in Florida who walked everywhere he needed to go to for one day. It was an experiment to see how different his life would be if he had to walk all the time. Would you do something like that just to see how different things would be?
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    This is Spokane and I just found this site by accident. Looks good with some useful information on it so I think I'll kick the wheels and give it a whirl.