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    Decent mileage standards coming?

    It's my understanding that, by regulation, the U.S. auto industry will be required to improve emissions and gas mileage in the near future, but I couldn't recall if that is in the coming year or if it is further off. Upon further research, I found these standards: 2012-33.6 mpg, 2013-34.4 mpg...
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    Bah Humbug

    There is a lot of pressure on us to make a big production out of the holidays. Sometimes I wish I lived in a simpler time. It should be a very enjoyable time, and it's really not these days.
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    Decent mileage standards coming?

    I will be needing a car in the next year or so. I'm considering just holding off for a couple of years and getting by with our one vehicle in hopes that decent mileage standards will be required by the government. What would you do?
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    Really hot smell

    Maybe you didn't completely remove all the nesting material and the remains are getting very hot when you turn the heat on? Maybe your local mechanic could check it out for you.
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    Europe is running out of plastic

    I am living for the day that the whole planet runs out of plastic. I absolutely hate the stuff, for the most part. It has it's place, but we need a lot less of the stuff around.
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    Cracked windshield

    We took a stone kicked up by a big semi-truck that was in front of us, and it cracked the windshield. What a bite! Is that something that is generally covered in full by insurance, or does your deductible apply?
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    Slash the stash

    I heard on the radio today that Axelrod had his mustache shaved off on some television program as the million dollar goal was met. That didn't take long at all.
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    Hot Wiring Your Car

    I am sure that hot wiring a modern car is a much more complex operation than it ever used to be. I used to know how to do it on my really simple 1972 Plymouth Duster, but not anymore.
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    Dry Weather

    I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains for six months. According to global warming experts, our region is expected to get wetter over time. Maybe you are seeing the effects of global warming where you are?
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    Graphite Powder

    I had never heard of this until now, and now that I have, graphite powder is on my shopping list. Thanks for passing this helpful info along.
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    Vacuuming - how often

    I don't really do it often enough to suit me. The problem is that I am a real wimp about being outside when the weather is cold. A heated garage would solve the problem I guess!
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    Finding Parts

    Find one that isn't running and offer to take it off somebody's hands for very little money. That would be a win-win for both parties.
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    Good motorcycle for a beginner?

    I am considering buying a used motorcycle in preparation for summer. I have the opportunity to do an internship about ten miles away from where I live, and our other vehicle will be in use by other family members vacationing. Can anyone recommend one for a beginner?
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    I would focus on eliminating all current debt and then on staying out of debt for life. Then I would become a serious student of art and lead the life of a working artist. (I would need an airplane instead of car then!)
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    Owner's Manual

    Does Amazon offer products like that? It might be worth a look there. I have been pretty surprised by some of the items I have been able to find there.
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    Road trip during the holidays

    Do you plan to be doing any road trips during the holidays? Is it possible that road conditions where you are planning to go may be hazardous? If so, will you cancel your trip or go anyhow?
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    Rust Spots

    It might be worth it to take it to a body shop just to see what they say they would do to it. I would ask them to explain their process and then see if it was something I could tackle on my own or not.
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    Heated Seats

    I have never experienced heated seats, but I would sure love to! I almost bought a used car that had them, but it was summer when I test drove it, so I never tried the heated seats.
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    Never fails

    It it really a lost cause in the winter to try to keep a vehicle clean on the outside. I do try to keep up with keeping things clean on the inside though.
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    Slash the stash

    I have always admired David Axelrod. His mustache is near and dear to him and kind of is his personal trade mark. Lots of people would love to see what he looks like without it.