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    Electronic System gone wild

    I had this same problem a while back and it was only a fuse going bad. Take it to the shop and be sure though. Don't mess around with your wiring. Bad things happen with wiring.
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    Recycled Tires

    You could always do what they do in the deep South. Paint them white, lay them in the front yard and plant flowers in them. Tractor tires are especially good for this. More room for flowers. :wiggle2:
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    Good news for Terre Haute, IN!

    This is great news. The unemployment statistics are staggering at the present time. I applaud the ThyssenKrupp Presta plant. I do hope there is no government funding involved.
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    Large Rims?

    Strictly for looks. You ever rode in a car with those tires? Pretty rough. I like some rubber between me and the road. Those big rims are for the "cool" crowd.
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    Rear Wheel Drive vs Front Wheel Drive

    I had a car once with rear wheel drive. Lived in Denver, Co. at the time and got caught in a blizzard. Rear wheel drive wasn't worth a hoot on ice and snow. I've had front wheel or 4 wheel ever since. How about you?
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    There have been a lot of "sports" that I have seen on the Olympics this year that are new to me. The best one yet is one that I have heard they are thinkiing about. That would be pole dancing. Every male in the world would watch that one.
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    Europe is running out of plastic

    How do you run out of plastic? Maybe they could learn to recycle like we Americans do. There is certainly enough in the news about saving the planet.
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    Electric Car Upgrades

    It's going to take a long time for folks to transition to electric cars. First, there's the price and second there's the fact that few mechanics know how to work on them should something go wrong. I just don't think it will happen in my lifetime.
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    Another Olympic "Sport"?

    Bring it on baby. I'd love to see how they scored this and what moves the competitors would have to do in order to win the gold. This would be a hoot!
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    All These Shootings

    Both. When there is no morality left, this is what happens. When stress gets the better of people, this is what happens. When drugs are involved, this is what happens. Then the media gets involved and it's everywhere bringing attention to others who now have the knowledge of how to copy the...
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    Michelin Tires

    Coming home from the beach Friday, I hit a stretch of highway in Wilmington that made my Michelin tires sing. I sounded like an airplane getting ready for take off. Anyone else experience this with Michelins?
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    An Olympic rant

    I agree with you totally Fender. Maybe if the networks get enough complaints, things will change. I would liked to have seen Phelps win live rather than know the outcome before I saw the event. Same with Gabby and gymnastics.
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    Smart Cars

    Smart Cars are too small for me. I have seen vidoes of these little cars after an accident and you couldn't pay me to get in one. Most people don't survive an accident. Check u-tube for the videos.
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    Z 34

    Hotrod 25, it was a Chevrolet Lumina. It had a lot of character and the engine was an absolute B---h to work on. It actually unlatched and flipped out so you could get to the underside.
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    Sound System Stinks

    Thanks guys. I plan to do some comparison shopping this week and will keep the Pioneer and Kenwood in mind.
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    Possessed Turn Signals

    Marcus is right on this one. You could have a bulb going bad too. Stop and have it checked at your local mechanic shop. Sometimes those lights can be a pain to get out.
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    Voice Activated

    Have you seen the newest autos with voice activated everything? I just wonder how that's gonna work several years from now when "little" things start going wrong. I see a new science fiction movie in the making. What do you think?
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    Loose wire?

    Hey man. Unless you know what you're doing, I would advise against pulling the dash. Leave that to the professionals. This comes from experience. I did it one time and that was enough.
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    Vintage Car Show

    I have been to several vintage car shows over the years but the best time is found on main street downtown once a month in the summertime. My hometown blocks off the streets and everybody brings their old cars, spit shined and polished, to show off. It's a fun evening.
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    Do You Like Convertibles?

    I rented a Seabring convertible some years back to go on a trip. I think that's the only thing that was available at the rental place. The top never came down until I was cleaning it up to take it back and I really enjoyed it. I wish I had put it down on the trip now.