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    New Tires

    Tire prices have really blown up in the past decade. The is something wrong with having to pay almost $1000 on a set of standard truck tires. Just ridiculous. I think it has to do with the petroleum used in the process?
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    Carbon Fiber?

    Many race cars and "souped" up sports cars use carbon fiber body parts. Carbon fiber is very light and strong, but is VERY expensive. Curious if anyone here thinks it's worth it? Not for me, but I don't race.
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    Cheap Tips That Work

    I know that you can use fabric softener sheets to get dried bugs off of the paint and grill of your car. Does anyone have any other useful tricks or detailing tips?
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    Fellow Motorcycle Lovers!

    I grew up racing motocross and love motorcycles. Now I have a Honda VTR 1800 and just love cruisin. I love my cars, but have a real passion for motorcycles. Just wondering how many fellow bikers or motorcycle enthusiasts are on here? What do you ride?
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    Hey Everyone!

    Hi, I am a new member and am really stoked to be here. The site looks interesting and I can't wait to share stories and ideas with fellow automotive enthusiasts here!:Peace!: