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    Surprised to No End

    In my state, they now close on Mondays statewide. However, they have added late nights two days a week to compensate. I try to do as much as I can on the internet.
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    Your First Drive

    I don't actually remember it, but there is a picture of me on my dad's lap and it seems I am driving. :-) I was older than most kids when they get their license, but I am just happy I got it.
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    For me, the icing on the cake when taking the car to the car wash is getting a nice air freshner. My favorite scent is cherry. What is yours? Do you have a favorite brand or do you go for the tree?
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    I did not know these tricks. I am glad I found about them. We just took a couple of trips through a very rural area, and my windshield is in a very bad state. I was thinking about taking the car to the car wash, but if these work, I will give it a shot home.
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    Car of the future

    What is the car of the future going to really be like? I thought that by now we would be living like the Jetsons, but we are not really there yet. We have some great improvements, but we are are also killing the ecosystem.
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    Are they lying?

    Well, this tidbit does not help me at all. :ohwell: In my town, the DMV is always full of people and the least I have had to wait for a transaction has been 1 1/2 hour from the moment I put my foot in the door. The most I have had to wait has been 3 1/2 hours. I had to re-instate my license.
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    Car Recycling

    This is the first time that I hear about this. However, what we have done with two old cars is donate them. They came to pick them up and gave us a receipt. Then when they sold it, they sent us a letter with how much it got sold for so we could add it as a deduction in our income tax return.
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    Pets in cars?

    I am not a pet hair, and with your question, I have found another reason why I don't one want. I definitely wouldn't know what to do with all the hair in the car. I guess it would mean more vacuuming.
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    New Radio

    I would like to get a nice radio for my car, but I don't want to spend too much money. What is the best brand that won't break my bank?
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    Leaving cars unlocked

    MaximumSpeed, this is unbelievable. If you left the keys in the car in my neighborhood, you would be without a car in under 20 seconds flat. There was a lady that took her kid to school left the engine running to go open the door, and before she got back in the car was gone. Nobody even blink an...
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    Summer Car Movies

    Are you excited about having some car chases this summer? I just saw a trailer for a Fast and Furious #5 as well as an animated Cars sequel. Also one with Nicholas Cage called Drive Angry. That sounds like me everyday.
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    Car washes

    The car wash in my neighborhood is pretty nice. I have never seen or heard of them having any problems. I feel quite safe and comfortable going there. I usually go at night when they have a straight wash for $4.
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    Car shortage

    That is the same thing I was thinking. I wasn't even thinking about getting a new car at least for another 3 years. However, my car got so messed up that I need to get another one because fixing this one would cost too much. When I see so many car carries when I am on the highways. I am always...
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    How to talk him out of this

    I know how you feel. My problem is with my brother. He wants one so bad. At least he doesn't have all the money together yet. I hope you can convince your fiancée not to. I know that gas prices are really bad, but I would be so worried all the time. I personally hate the noise they make.
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    Florida Trip

    I wish there was enough time to take. I think I am going with 95 with a few side roads to break the monotonous drive. We are so looking forward to this trip.
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    7,500 miles

    I went with my friend to get a new car. When the guy was explaining all the features and stuff. He told her that the she should change the oil every 5,000 miles but that it usually was good all the way to 7,500. How could this be?
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    Anyone game?

    I know what you are saying. Sadly is not only on games. It seems that lately there is barely a new concept of idea. Everything seems to be recycled.
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    Spinning Rims Fad Over

    You are right. I have not seen them in a while. Could it be that they are too expensive? I never really felt interested in them.
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    Do you have a specific schedule to service your car? I try to take my car for service and deep cleaning once I know that snow is not going to be an issue any more.
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    From scratch?

    I wish I had the knowledge to do it. I saw a competition once in which a team of two people would unassembled a car to reassemble it next to it. I couldn't believe how fast they could do it. The proof was that the car would start with no problem.