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  1. jason

    The 2020 Toyota Supra Is the Proper Sports Car It Needs to Be

    Tetsuya Tada, the 2020 Toyota Supra's chief engineer, can be cagey. He shrewdly avoids being nailed down about the range of the car's electrically assisted variable-ratio steering rack or its engine's peak boost. He won't say if this Supra is quicker around a track than the Porsche 718 Cayman S...
  2. jason

    Driverless car industry luring federal safety brass

    Driverless car companies are racing to scoop up top federal safety officials to fill out their ranks of advisers and lobbyists — creating worries that the fledgling industry will use its newly acquired influence to shape the coming wave of government regulations. Companies like Uber, Lyft...
  3. jason

    The EU Wants Cars To Have Speed Limiters and More by 2022

    It seems that politicians believe driver training or road maintenance won't improve anytime soon, so instead they want to limit your car's engine power to make sure you don't break the speed limit while robots determine whether you're fit to drive in the first place. At least that's the proposed...
  4. jason

    Top auto executives are privately very worried about the state of auto sales

    More than two dozen new cars, trucks, crossovers and concept vehicles are making their debut at this week’s annual New York International Auto Show, the sort of rollout that would traditionally be expected to give a boost to the U.S. new car market. But despite the almost uniformly bullish...
  5. jason

    What are you driving?

    I didn't either until I got the job. It really sucks when you have a bunch of gated communities to go.
  6. jason

    What are you driving?

    They order them like that. Fairly new. Here is a 350 they just bought.
  7. jason

    What are you driving?

    Ford F150. No frills, no power windows or power locks either.
  8. jason

    What are you driving?

    For work or home? ;) When I first bought it. Doubt I have any recent pics.
  9. jason

    Amazon may come after auto industry, Volvo U.S. chief warns dealers

    NEW YORK — Volvo is not letting up on pushing for sweeping changes to how new vehicles are sold — whether auto dealers like it or not. At a conference affiliated with this week's New York auto show, Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Volvo Car's U.S. unit, stood up for the vehicle subscription service...
  10. jason

    Major automakers fear Trump 'grenade' - imposing U.S. auto tariffs

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Major automakers are bullish on the outlook for the U.S. economy and auto sales, but one big question remains - will President Donald Trump throw a grenade into the sector by imposing sweeping tariffs of up to 25 percent on car and auto parts imports? The industry is in...
  11. jason

    Volkswagen unveils next electric SUV in its futuristic ID lineup

    Volkswagen unveiled a new electric car concept at the Shanghai Auto Show this week. The quixotically named ID Roomzz is an all-electric SUV with Level 4 autonomous capabilities that is destined for the Chinese market by 2021, the German automaker announced. The ID Roomzz will come with an 82 kWh...
  12. jason

    Buick Displays Three New SUVs At Auto Shanghai 2019

    Two new variants of the Encore – including a long-wheelbase version – will debut in China this week. In the U.S., the Buick name carries a lot of baggage as a somewhat stodgy, middle-luxury car driven mostly by older folks. That's certainly not the case in China, where, depending on who you ask...
  13. jason

    A tipping point for vehicle connectivity

    Technology-led innovations are driving change at an unprecedented pace and are the basis of competition among industries globally. The auto industry is at the forefront of this revolution and is expected to see a rapid rise in digitalization and investment in next-gen technologies — topping $82...
  14. jason


    Europe fuel cell electric vehicles market will witness significant growth owing to supportive government projects for developing zero emission fuel cell vehicles and installation of hydrogen refueling stations. Projects such as Clean Hydrogen in European Cities (CHIC) and Joint Initiative for...
  15. jason

    Gas Prices

    About 2.70 a gallon for the cheap stuff. It was about 50 cents cheaper last month.
  16. jason


    The originals before they stopped the import of them. But then again I'm more in love with the Karmann Ghia so I'm told I may have a screw loose.
  17. jason

    Flushing The Coolant

    You know I've never seen any exact amount of time for this. I think a lot depends on driving conditions. I know you can purchase a PH level litmus test at most auto parts stores to test it. I have heard every 50,000 miles, and I've heard ever year, or every other year. Most of it will be...
  18. jason

    Carry an extra key

    I used to carry an extra key in my wallet, but that was long before they started making the larger keys. The wife keeps the valet key with her as she has locked her keys in her car a few times.
  19. jason

    Merry Christmas

    May peace and plenty be the first to lift the latch on your door, And happiness be guided to your home by the candle of Christmas.
  20. jason

    Big storm coming in

    I hope you had a safe trip and the storm was not too bad for you.