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    Wrecker service

    You said a mouthful Donnie. I'm on a first name basis with my mechanic and the local wrecker service. My mechanic has actually loaned me a car before when mine was in the shop. It just doesn't get any better than that.
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    Crazy commercial drivers

    Yes they do get in a big hurry don't they. I have gotten into the habit of pausing for just a second or two when my light turns green to look both ways and be sure no one is trying to get through the intersection before their light turns red. We've had several accidents in our area just...
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    Turn Signals

    I took your advice Opal. When I had my oil changed and tires rotated this week Ihad that light bulb changed at the same time. Piece of cake. I'm glad I didn't try to do it myself. All turn signals are now working.
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    Snow be gone

    Where are you smash? We could use some snow. Send it our way. Here in the South, we're looking for 72 degrees tomorrow. I think I'll go crank up the grill and have a brew.
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    BMW Bikes

    I like some metal and steel between me and other drivers. There are just too many crazy people on the road today. Bikes are great for those who need the challenge but not me.
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    Tree is out

    We have folks down here in the south that leave their outside Christmas lights up all year round. I'm not sure if they are just too lazy to take them down or what. They don't plug them in every night. They just leave them up all year.
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    Rain-X for Ice

    Rain-X is a great way to repel water on the windshield when it's raining. It works on headlights too. I haven't found anything that will keep frost from forming on the windshield. Have you?
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    Broken Window

    You are a blessed person smash. I tried to help a friend once and took the door panel off to try and fix the motor. No luck. He ended up taking it to a mechanic because we couldn't fix it. Don't think I'll do that again.
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    Car Shopping

    I went car shopping over the holidays. Man, there are some really nice ones out there. Didn't have anything particular in mind. Just trying to get a feel for prices and performance. What's your opinion on the best deal out there right now?
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    Cleaning Floormats

    One of my buddies bought some inexpensive black towels and put them down in the floor board on top of the mats. All he has to do is wash the towels when they get dirty and not have to worry about the mats.
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    Rental Cars

    I've always had great rental cars and treated them well. The last one was a little Seabring Convertable. I would love to have one of those just to drive around in the summer. I would consider purchasing a rental but would have it checked out by my mechanic first.
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    Turn Signals

    My left turn signal is either burned out or has a short in it. Inside the vehicle, it blinks twice as fast as the right signal and I haven't checked to see if the same is happening on the outside. I guess I need to change the bulb. How hard can it be? Right?
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    What do you use to plow?

    Where ever ya'll are, keep it there. I am ill equiped to handle snow at my house. Just a shovel and hopefully, we won't get enough this year to even get it out of the shed. My neighbor brought his tractor and plowed my driveway several years ago and if the situation occurs, I sure do hope...
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    Favorite car movie

    Both "Christine" and "Back to the Future" are on my list of favorites. "Cars" is good but more for the kids. "Christine" is suspenseful and has a plot. I think I'll go find that one for tonight now that you mention it.
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    Engine Oil

    Non-synthetic is what is normally used for most vehicles. Synthetic blend or fully synthetic is almost a requirement in high performance cars. It's really a matter of preference. If you have a high performance engine, do consider the synthetic. The car will perform better.
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    Rotating Tires

    I make it a rule to rotate my tires every time I get the oil changed. It seems to help them wear better and rule out any potential tire problems. Do you have a rotation schedule or do you just check regularly for tire problems?
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    Christmas storage?

    My sister had her kid's bicycles sent to my house. We went to her house last night for dinner, 1.5 hours away, and delivered the bicycles. It worked out well and the kids will be surprised this morning I'm sure.
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    Half of the traveling done!

    I can sympathize with you FenderBender. We traveled last Saturday 3 hours down to my grandmother's house and 3 hours back. Last night it was 1.5 hours to my sister's house and 1.5 hours back. Today we are at home! Whew!! Traveling done!
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    Car trouble out of town

    I would have it towed man. It's worth it to me to have my own mechanic, whom I trust, work on my car rather than some guy that may try to take me for a ride. If you know what I mean.
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    That New Car Smell

    I've been shopping for a used car this past month and everyone I have test driven has had that "new car smell." What do the dealerships use to get that smell. Is there a spray like that or a cleaning solution. Anyone know?