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    Replacing the Tires

    That sounds about right. The cheapest around here are about $60 from Wal-Mart. I don't trust Wal-Mart with my car now, though; maybe in my younger years.
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    Did you hit it?

    I haven't done this personally. I have heard stories from friends that this happens sometimes. I'm guess because people aren't used to the extra car being there and backing out of their driveway is so automatic.
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    Let's say you just bought a new suit for a job interview and you're looking sharp. Now, you don't have the nicest car on the block. If the person who interviewed you saw you getting into your car, do you think they would look at you differently and maybe not consider you for the job?
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    Tinting Glass

    I've heard the same. I've never bothered to look it up for myself. Strange; I see many people with dark tinted windows often. I've never come across anything about it in my DMV searches.
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    Terrible headache

    I get migraines from time to time. The only soother is to lay down in a completely dark room with a cold rag. If I'm able to fall asleep, it is usually gone when I wake up.
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    Pizza seems to be the go-to American Family Meal. Honestly, I think we have it at least 4 times a month if not more, simply out of convenience. How often do you eat pizza?
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    Flush TV mount

    I've seen the wall mounts before and they look safe. I've never trusted a wall mount to hold something as expensive and useful as a T.V. though.
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    Flashing brights

    The only time I flash my lights is to warn another driver of something on the road ahead, such as deer or other wild life. I imagine it means different things in different areas.
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    Good news for Terre Haute, IN!

    Oh, this is wonderful news. I wouldn't be surprised if those jobs are already snagged up. The economy is rough right now. Hopefully more opportunities like this show up.
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    Save on Gas

    According to this riding the break actually uses more gas. And, like the other two said, it'll just wear out your breaks. However, less hard stops and goes will help.
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    Streaks in Windshield

    I use vinegar as well. I've never tried the newspaper trick, though, I just use paper towels. Vinegar works like a charm; I use it on my mirrors, too.
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    Fess up!

    My car isn't too bad. Luckily we have a carport; the rain and bad weather doesn't affect it too much. The inside is a much different story.
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    Sort of a trade in??

    Depends on what kind of dealer you go to. Some places will take old tires as a trade-in, some places will charge you a fee to get rid of the tires.
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    TVs in the car

    I'm not sure if you can watch cable in the car, but I think you can watch movies. There is a box someone up front that you can change the DVD and it will play movies on the T.V. screens.
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    How often have you had to call the Locksmith? One time we accidentally locked our keys in the trunk and instead of the Locksmith opening it up, he ended up taking a screwdriver and popping the lock out! I guess our car was too old. :heh:
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    Good "town runner"?

    I had a Ford Focus wagon a couple years back. No complaints here, she ran well and got the job done. As long as you're not embarrassed of wagons as some people are, it's a great buy.
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    Odd Smell

    Yes, we've checked the trunk to make sure there is nothing dead or rotting. Febreeze sounds so simple, I'm wondering why I didn't think of it. I'll give that a go and see what happened. I hope it's not the exhaust.
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    Odd Smell

    We have an odd smell coming from the trunk of our car. I'm wondering if maybe it's the exhaust pipe? It doesn't quite smell rotten, it smells kind of old. What do you think?
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    The Coupons App finds cheap gas prices

    I just found this thread in a search. I'm going to give this app a try and see if it helps us out. Gas prices are incredibly high nowadays.
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    Mirror moved

    Haha, yeah I've done that a few times. My Uncle does it a lot on his truck. He has the kind of mirrors that fold in and out.