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  1. J

    Winter Driving

    I prefer not to drive in snow and ice! Given the choice I would stay home all winter long. I do drive a 4WD though. I would hate to be in a car in some of the crap we get.
  2. J

    Finding Parts

    What kind of van do you have that you can't find parts for it? I usually don't have any problem going to the junkyard and finding what I need. If you can find another though that is probably a good plan.
  3. J

    How have you helped someone out in a pinch?

    I have given people jumps before and I have helped them change a flat tire as well. I think it is important to help people out when they need it.
  4. J

    Family car drama

    Eek! I hope nothing bad happens to yours either. I know those deer hits can be really bad,I hope your brother wasn't injured. I live in an area with a really big deer population so accidents like this are pretty common. Actually a friend of mine hit one about a month back.
  5. J

    I hate Christmas music

    Before anyone gets the idea that I am a humbug, I have to say that I love everything else about the holiday season. I love the baking, decorating, tree trimming and holiday movies. I just can't stand Christmas music. It probably has something to do with the fact that they start playing it...
  6. J


    I am wondering where they are digging up these people? Do they really think that they will have a better chance as Texas, the country? I mean what are they going to do when Mexico decides they want Texas back and wages war on them? Come begging the US for assistance? These people need to get a grip.
  7. J

    What do you want?

    We are thinking about doing some remodeling and redecorating around the house so I think we are going to ask for Home Depot gift cards this year. I hate asking for cash though.
  8. J

    Car Wash Fundraisers

    I don't usually go to these types of washes because most of the time they are goofing off instead of washing the cars at least around where I live. I have gone to the car wash run by the Blue Star Mothers because the proceeds go to the troops.
  9. J

    Killer cart

    Last night I was at the grocery store and a random cart that someone left outside of the corral rolled into my car and scratched up my door. My car is in really good condition and this really peeved me off. I don't think that a cart hitting it is really something I can claim on insurance either.
  10. J

    Black Friday?

    So I just have to ask, how many of you are actually going to brave the traffic and crazy people to shop next Friday? I tend to stay off the road until much later in the day myself.
  11. J

    BCS rant

    I really think that eventually the BCS will have to give in to the pressure for a playoff style championship. I think every year at least one team feels shafted by the BCS and the support for a playoff is going to grow.
  12. J

    Chevy Volt

    I love the look of the Volt, but like you said it is way out of my price range right now. It gets great gas mileage with the gas and electric motor. I can't wait until they come down in price so I can buy one.
  13. J

    Fired up tonight... football!

    From what I hear Roethlesberger has a shoulder sprain and he is questionable for the weekend. I hope for your sake, smash, that he is cleared. I don't think Leftwich can pull it off either.
  14. J

    Neighbor shot his car

    How do you shoot out your own window? I don't know a lot about bb guns but don't they have a safety like any other gun? I would hate to have to explain that to the insurance company.