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    Flushing The Coolant

    I have to agree with Opal... I didn't know, either. I can't remember ever flushing the coolant. Adding, yes. Flushing, not offhand. I should probably check into that.
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    I like the original, too. I wanted to get one for my first car, but I wasn't able to, and I still haven't (yet) owned one. Maybe one day!
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    Wrecker service

    I don't really have a service center that I know well, but I do have a mechanic a couple hours away that I can call and a tire place locally that can do some other work also. I try to do stuff myself if I can.
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    Rental cars - not so many

    Did you know that the row of rental car counters at airports and stuff are not really representative of that many companies? I just read an article that tells about which are owned by the same parent company.
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    Seat covers

    I've never used seat covers. They seem like a good idea, but they have never been a priority. Maybe next time I get a car, I'll try them out. My current car is already pretty much a wreck.
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    Car Names

    I've often wondered where they got the names, too. Some of them are fun and cool (I like the Rendezvous, for instance), and others make no sense whatsoever (like the Xterra). Have you heard about the flop the Nova was in Mexico? "No va" in Mexican means "no go"!
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    Carry an extra key

    Yeah, I keep an extra in my wallet. Even though the key is one of the bigger ones, I still make room for it because I'm really bad about locking my keys in the car. I've had to call my spouse to bail me out too many times already!
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    China's getting Jeeps

    According to an article from Reuters, there will be Jeeps produced specifically for a Chinese market. They were careful to say that there are no plans to move Jeep PRODUCTION to China, however.
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    Car Shopping

    We rarely use large, commercial car lots, since mostly they are overpriced (so the lot can get a profit). We either do small, personally owned ones, or Craigslist (or something similar).
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    Cars = Jobs

    I think part of the problem is that they want to keep prices down, so they feel forced to get their parts and labor at the least possible price themselves, which tends to equal overseas, nowadays.
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    Van heater

    The heater core on my full size van has begun leaking, so it is disconnected at the moment. I live in the south, so the weather is warm enough at the moment. Does anyone know how hard it is to change out one of these?
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    Long Lasting Scented Product for Vehicle

    There's a concentrated spray available that I suspect is what Opal means. I've heard that it lasts a LOT longer than standard scents, and it's easy to keep the spray bottle (it's small) in the vehicle to "touch up" regularly.
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    Tire leaking

    It's possible that the wheel isn't sealed to the rim properly. It's also possible that there is a small hole somewhere between the tread that is not easily visible.
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    Replacing the Tires

    They are pretty expensive. I have a place here that I use that does "pull-offs" - slightly used tires at a reduced rate. I pay about $35-$40 per tire with those, but it's a toss-up. The last one I got there was messed up and I think it messed up the bearings in that corner.
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    Back-up sensor

    I haven't had one of those, but I have had the type that beeps to let others know the vehicle is backing up, and that was nice, but it didn't let me *see* any better.
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    Legendary car designer died at 89

    Carroll Shelby, known for his designs and for racing, as well, died Thursday in Dallas, TX. Most of his life was devoted to cars in one way or another.
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    Tinting Glass

    It seems to be different from state to state. You would probably need to ask at the police station - or possibly at a local body shop, because surely they would know the rules if they do tinting at all.
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    What's hanging from your mirror?

    When I was a kid, I had stuff hanging (my tassel after I graduated, for instance) but now the only thing that hangs on the rearview mirror is a necktie or two.
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    I like the size of the van I have, but it's pretty old, so there are some things I would rather have better. I would prefer a sliding door on the side, for one thing.
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    Flashing brights

    I dislike that practice, as well. I don't, personally, but I have a friend who always does. He says if they're going to blind him, he's going to blind them. Real nice, huh?