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    So hot out -ways to keep engine cool

    The fan is doing what it is designed to do and that is to keep your engine cool. Wouldn't you rather the fan burn out instead of the engine seizing up? Fans are easier and cheaper to replace.
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    Dumb Fed Ex driver

    Some of the people hired to drive delivery trucks need to go back to driver's training. Some of them seem to think just because they have the benefit of size, they can do whatever they want.
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    Chilton or Haynes?

    I cheat and go to the library and borrow both when working on the car. Usually what doesn't show up in one book will be in the other book.
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    Higher taxes because of electric cars

    There has to be a way to only charge electric car owners like what's done with taxes at the fuel pumps. It's not right to charge people who don't own electric cars.
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    Electric cars/hybrids

    Does anyone here have an electric car or a hybrid? I've looked at them with a little bit of interest but I can't justify their high cost when I have a gasoline powered car that gets 36-40 MPG on the freeway.
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    Service engine codes

    I discovered the use of the Internet in an act of desperation. I had the code and thought, "what the heck!" and there it was with an explanation of what was causing the problem.
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    Service engine codes

    Just wanted to share a tip that you can look up service engine codes on the Internet so you know what kind of issue you're dealing with. Some cars allow you to see the number on the dash while other cars you have to take to places like an auto parts store.
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    Oil Changing Frequency a Myth?

    Oil manufacturers have said there's no need to change the oil every 3000 miles because the oil is designed to last a long time and deal with the wear and tear in an engine. Changing it out once a year is usually sufficient.
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    Who drives a stick?

    Kind of funny to admit this but my wife taught me how to drive a stick. My friends in high school tried but I could never get it right. I must have needed a woman's touch. :)
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    The backseat and Fido

    Use a big blanket to try and catch the hair. After a trip or two, I'd take the car to one of those car wash places that have the powerful vacuum cleaners. Those things should be strong enough to clean out the most stubborn dog hair.
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    Helmet law repealed

    I suppose everyone has a choice when it comes to riding a motorcycle. If I were riding, I'd just as soon have something to protect my head and brain but, that's just me.
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    Gas Sites

    When I'm taking a long road trip, I check for the lowest prices but the gas stations have to be close to the freeway otherwise it's not worth it. I'm not driving into some city I don't know trying to find cheap gas.
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    AC or mileage?

    I only run the air conditioning when the heat is unbearable so I can get better mileage. My wife doesn't agree with me and is always willing to sacrifice mileage for comfort, but when she fills up the car, she complains about the price. What do you do?
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    Legendary car designer died at 89

    Came across an interesting article about Shelby that wasn't related to cars. Apparently the guy was into chili, big time. He founded the International Chili Society in the 1960s and ran competitions.
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    Cars and built-in media

    There are already enough distractions when driving. What are people thinking? As if people talking or texting on cell phones isn't bad enough.
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    Government may sell its share of GM

    Even though General Motors was saved from bankruptcy, I don't think the government should have intervened. The role of government isn't there to save poorly run businesses.
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    Age of a tire

    There's an easy way to spot the age of a tire when shopping for new tires. Look on the sidewall and you'll see something that has a combination of letters and numbers. The last four numbers are the week and year the tire was made. So if the last four numbers are 2611, then the tires were...
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    Car sales up

    That's really surprising news to me but if you take a look at car ads, you'll see how they can get people to buy. Instead of making people aware of the price of the car, many ads sell low monthly payments causing people to think they can afford a new car.
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    Car color and speeding tickets

    Since most cops use a radar gun I don't think it really matters as much as it used to. Not sure if it was a myth but red certain gets attention.
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    You should check out the thread on Sea Foam. It does a really nice job of cleaning the fuel injector jets. Just add it to your gasoline and let it start working.