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    Higher taxes because of electric cars

    This may be a situation developing in my geographical area. I do hope it's not a widespread thing so maybe someone with some common sense can vote against it. We're going to be paying fees, taxes and whatever else they call it on everything until there's nothing else to live on. Many people are...
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    Dumb Fed Ex driver

    They also think that because they're on the clock and in a hurry, everyone else has to wait for them. We've all sat and waited, burning our own fuel, for them to finish what they are doing. The ones bugging me the most right now are all those lawn maintenance guys who pull rakes, trash cans and...
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    Used car buying tip

    A friend gave me a good tip on buying a used car on Craig's list to make sure I wasn't getting one pulled over on me. He said to ask for the seller's driver's license to make sure I had the real person's name. Then he told me to Google the person's name plus the words "used car" to make sure I...
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    Who drives a stick?

    I enjoy driving a stick shift, but not enough to buy one. I'm far too lazy for that. Since I learned on a straight shift, it's not hard for me to get the hang of it, but I don't want to do it for long.
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    I gave up making pancakes a long time ago. My husband prefers waffles, and we have a waffle maker, so that's what we have when we start craving pancakes. Either that or we head to the nearest breakfast house.
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    AC or mileage?

    Air conditioning and mileage I will drive less, but I won't be driving in the sweltering heat unless I have no other recourse. It's just too danged humid and hot here in the South to even think about it. I'll clip coupons, but the AC stays.
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    Higher taxes because of electric cars

    You can't have one without the other, can you? I just heard on the news that utility bills for everyone would be going up because of all the electric cars out there. Monies are still needed to repair roads, but with fewer people purchasing gasoline as a result of electric cars, they had to find...
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    The backseat and Fido

    Fido and the back seat Dog hair is a problem for dog owners. I keep a huge towel in the seat, which I change frequently. I use the vacuum once a week. My secret weapon is a big roll of sticky brown tape. I pull off an arm length of it and go to town, pressing the tape down on the seats as a...
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    Gas Sites

    I haven't used them, but my brother does. Evidently there's a lot of money to be saved there. We went on a trip recently and drove two different cars. He advised me to fill up before I left the state and got back into our state. I didn't realize the state below me has such lower gasoline prices...
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    Bugs in my car!

    Bugs in car I wish I knew how to help you, but I've never heard of such a thing. We are on a 3-month spraying contract with a pest control firm that sprays around the house for ants, spiders and other creatures. It wouldn't take much for him to spray the car, too, on his next visit. They say...
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    How old is your car?

    Age of car We have a van that we purchased new in 1999. We've added a new motor and hope to drive it another five or six years, minimum. We love this automobile, especially for family trips. It's comfortable and has lots of room.
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    Car color and speeding tickets

    Car color and speeding It wouldn't surprise me if this were a statistic that held true. I believe women get out of tickets more often than men do. Policemen do get to make those decisions and will yield to the charms of a woman.
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    Rotten morning

    I'm kind of like that this morning, but I need to look on the bright side. It's hot as heck out there, but at least my yard man came this morning. He's taking care of the lawn, and I don't have to do it. We have air conditioning. Life is good.
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    Need a day to recover

    I wish I were on your side of a yard sale, Hotrod25. We need to have one, but I don't want to have one. I like where you are -- with the yard sale being over with. I'll trade you. I could use the extra rest. We went shopping yesterday, and I am worn out, too.
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    Worth it?

    Detailing I've paid to get my car detailed a few times, and it's worth every penny. It really does make it seem like you have a brand new car, and for a lot less money. It's time to do it again, but spending the extra cash is a hard decision to make.
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    Broken window motor

    We've had our window fixed three times, and it's still not fixed. Be careful when you do get someone to fix it. Sometimes they really screw it up when they fix it. We still have to get it repaired-- and this time right!
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    New car suggestions

    I'm in the market for a new automobile and need a multi-purpose car that saves on gasoline but has lots of storage area. I'm currently driving a Dodge Grand Caravan. What autos are people considering now that easily convert to vans when needed?
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    Just Got Some Sweet Mud Guards

    Mud guards I never thought twice about having mud guards, but I finally see why people buy and use them. We spent last week at a campgrounds with all sorts of RV vehicles, cars, golf carts and motorcycles cruising the grounds. There were several days of rain and lots of mud. The people with mud...
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    Hole in pool

    Holes in pools We used to have an outdoor cement pool, but it was so much trouble because of the trees surrounding it. It also meant all sorts of family and their friends inviting themselves over when it was really inconvenient for us. When we bought a new house, we turned down several because...
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    Yard sale!

    Yard sales I love going to yard sales and estate sales. On the other hand, I hate to have one and usually would rather take my old things either to an auction or donate things to Goodwill that don't sell well at other places.