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    Recycled Tires

    I'm sure they do. If you want to find out more about it you could always call your local Department of Transportation and ask them. I'm sure they would know about your local recycling programs.
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    Walking vs. Driving

    Seeing how I live 3 blocks from where I work, where I can also shop, I definitely don't need a car. I can walk there very easily and do from time to time for the extra exercise. My daughter however is 15 miles away so, in this part of the country especially, walking is out of the question.
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    Good news for Terre Haute, IN!

    Excellent news. The more jobs we get the better. I get tired of hearing of all the outsourcing going on which makes our economy worse. Good for Terre Haute.:smile:
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    This is news to me. Of course I don't really watch the Olympics, just the highlights, but I never knew that. It seems like every year they add another sport.
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    With summer in full swing and most parts of the country hotter than ever, does anyone have any helpful tips on how to keep your vehicle from overheating? I'm kind of paranoid about that happening to me so the more tips I can get, the better.
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    Europe is running out of plastic

    I think they'll compensate for the shortage. I don't see this as having a major impact on their economy. If anything, they can just get the plastic from elsewhere.
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    Another Olympic "Sport"?

    You would have to be athletic to do it I suppose. I don't consider it a sport however. I don't know, I just don't see pole dancing becoming an Olympic sport.
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    All These Shootings

    First it was Colorado, then Wisconsin, now 7 people were shot dead on a boat near Detroit. What's going on? Is our society really going downhill that much, or is it that it's all getting more media attention?
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    An Olympic rant

    I think they try to give equal airtime to all sports. Even though not all sports are equal in regards to how many people watch them, they try to be fair.
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    Age of Transmission

    I would think that automatics would last longer because there is more involved with the manuals. More in the sense that the driver has to do the shifting.
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    Private sale or trade in?

    I always sell mine privately. I have just had better luck selling my cars to individuals than trying to get a decent trade in price from a dealer.
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    Smart Cars

    I think I'd rather ride a bike. One of the more important things for me in a car is being comfortable while I'm driving, and there's just no way I could be comfortable in a car like that.
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    Body Glue?

    Is there some kind of glue on the market that can piece back together parts of the body that are starting to some apart? Plastic pieces by the way.
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    Remote starter installation

    That sounds like something a mechanic would have to do through a dealer. kind of like re-making keys that have the chip in them. That's the first thing I thought of at least.
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    Possessed Turn Signals

    That sounds like a very annoying problem. Usually with me, a turn signal just goes out. It's never gone haywire on me like that before it does; it just does.
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    Keeping a center punch in the car

    I think it's a good idea. If not a center punch then something else that can break the glass in the case of an emergency. You never know what might happen on the road.
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    Serious floormats

    They probably are getting cheaper. I gave up on them a few years back and just keep a handheld vacuum in my car at all times to keep the floors clean that way instead.
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    Alternatives to Armor All

    I like to keep the inside of my car looking brand new, so I use Armor All a lot. Is there something better on the market I can use, or is that the best there is?
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    1 million dollars

    A Jeep Wrangler. I've always wanted one and with a million bucks I'd be able to get the style I want with the performance I need.
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    Hairline windshield crack

    I have a hairline crack on my windshield that runs from top to bottom. How long can I expect to drive until the thing just breaks down and the window shatters because of it?