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    Car lights on busy freeways

    Oh yes, it is really pretty, especially in the rain. When you live in a big city (as I used to) you get used to driving in heavy traffic. It becomes normal and you no longer mind it as much.
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    Tire Pressure

    I check mine whenever the sensor chimes at me. It happens every 6-8 weeks, I'd guess. It seems pretty frequent but I always need the air.
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    Road Trip Prep

    I'm about to drive halfway across the country for the holidays. The car just had an oil change and fluid top off, and the tire pressure is good. Is there anything else I should do to the car to prepare for a long trip?
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    Heated Seats

    I don't have heated seats. Where I live now, I don't need them, but I surely would have appreciated them when I lived up north!
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    Crazy drivers at the mall

    Wow, those people were pretty rude. I know it's frustrating trying to find a parking spot at the mall this time of year, but that doesn't excuse their behavior.
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    How Much Does it Cost?

    It depends on what you want. As Wildman said, full details can get quite pricy. A very basic job will run you around $25-30 where I live.
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    Captain's Chairs

    We have captain's chairs for the first two rows in our Mazda 5. They are pretty nice, but sometimes I think a bench for the second row would be more useful. We'd be able to seat an extra person anyway. What are your thoughts on captain's chairs?
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    They top off the fluids every time we go in for an oil change, which generally suffices. Sometimes we check them ourselves. We had to add some windshield washer fluid to the Miata recently.
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    Decorating your vehicle for Christmas

    No, I don't decorate my car for Christmas. That sounds pretty tacky, to be honest. I keep my tacky lights for the inside and outside of my house. ;)
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    Graphite Powder

    I appreciate the tip as well. Usually my locks get lubed when I go in for an oil change but not always and it sounds like something that is very easy to do at home.
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    Oh no!! The chime!!

    At least you figured out what's causing it, instead of dealing with a random chime seemingly designed to drive you insane. Hopefully you can get it fixed soon so you don't have to hear it during those times you can't drive at a steady pace.
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    Road trip during the holidays

    We will be driving halfway across the country. We just keep an eye on the forecasts for the entire route and if we need to, we'll change the day we leave or stay at a hotel and wait it out if we get caught.
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    Heater problems

    Wow, smash, that is totally crazy! It's good you finally took care of that; I wonder what kind of nest it was. Could you tell?
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    Vacuuming - how often

    You all are much better than I am. I get around to vacuuming every few months at best. Actually, I should say I get around to having someone else vacuum every few months.
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    Going to Mechanic Today

    The check engine light came on in my Miata, so I took it to the auto store and they told me it was a P0126 error, which deals with coolant temperature. Apparently it's likely a broken thermostat. I have an appointment at the dealership today to get that fixed and get an oil change since I was...
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    Parking crooked?

    I hate when people do that. If I am parking and don't have room to straighten out on the first go, I will back up and straighten out so I am only taking one spot. It's common courtesy.
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    Rust Spots

    Well, it's easier said than done, but here goes: gently sand the rust spots down. Then apply some body filler and then three coats of primer, letting it dry in between. Finally apply some paint. Once it's dry, make sure it matches the rest of the car, repainting if necessary.
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    Hot Wiring Your Car

    No, I have never learned how to hotwire a car. If I lose the keys, we have a spare set. If the spare gets lost or is otherwise unaccessible, I guess I'll call AAA.
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    Volvo Polestar S60

    The LA Auto Show is going to have (among other things) the Volvo Polestar S60, which can go from 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds. They take a standard Volvo and tweak it; the S60 has 508 hp and 424 ft-lbs of torque. It sounds pretty sweet!
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    Dusty Dash

    I have a black dash too and I just have to wipe it frequently. Vroom Vroom is right, though; Armor All helps extend the time a little.