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    Diesel fuel

    I can't believe that diesel fuel is 50 cents a gallon more than regular unleaded fuel. Diesel used to always be much less than unleaded didn't it?
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    Check for kitties!

    I had a friend who lives out in the boonies tell me that a squirrel liked to hang out under the hood of her car. Her dog was pitching a fit one morning, so she popped the hood and there it was.
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    Not heating quickly

    In my experience a thermostat usually just quits. It has never been a progressive thing when I have had a thermostat fail but maybe that was just how it went with mine.
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    boyscout badges

    Is there an "automotive" merit badge for Boy Scouts? I could help with teaching the Scouts about automotive stuff, but I know absolutely nothing about guns.
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    Time For The Chevy Aveo To Be Replaced

    When we sold our Trail Blazer because we no longer needed a second vehicle, the salesman showed us an Aveo. We were open to finding a bargain on a "town runner" but you couldn't pay me to drive an Aveo.
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    Key ring

    Isn't it just amazing how many little automotive annoyances a little black tape can solve? I have never opened one of those remotes up, but I wonder if the "guts" could just be transferred to a new little plastic cover??
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    Something sticky

    Anything that was in the console that could be easily replaced I would just throw away. That right there will simplify the clean up process. Drinks and food can really make a mess.
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    Cassette deck works...

    Is there any particular reason you decided not to upgrade the cassette technology? Unless there is some sentimental reason to stay with cassettes, I'd just go with CDs.
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    Carbon Fiber?

    I think I would be inclined to pay a little more for a new car if the design incorporated some carbon fiber and it made a difference on the fuel economy of the car.
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    Cheap Tips That Work

    I once read of using basic shaving cream (not gel type) as an upholstery cleaner. I have never tried it, but the person who recommended it swore by it.
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    Mystery flat

    If the tires are relatively new, maybe they are still under warranty and you could request a replacement so as to avoid any future problems with it.
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    How do you transport your pets?

    How do you transport your pets in your vehicle? Do you crate them or do you let them just be in the passenger area with you?
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    Any deals on Black Friday?

    As it turns out, we're really not in the market for much this year, so there was nothing we needed to shop for. (THAT'S kind of different for a change....!)
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    First snow

    We had 7 inches at the beginning of November where I live. It was that very wet kind of snow. Lots of people were caught short and didn't have their snow tires on yet.
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    So, What Do You Drive?

    I'm semi-retired and live in the boonies. We just have our diesel F250 which will haul our travel trailer or our boat with a load of firewood, and it gets us to and from town.
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    Scion's Answer To The Failing Smart Car

    The technology is brand new so it's really no surprise that the performance is not the same as the old technology. I'm betting the new technology will improve with time.
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    Scion's Answer To The Failing Smart Car

    I'm just curious what you mean when you say "it isn't holding up very well". Does that mean they have lots of breakdowns, can't hold up to wear and tear of regular driving, not meeting expectations?
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    Rainex makes a car washing solution, so there's no need to use the stuff that's meant for glass on the whole car. The car wash solution works GREAT.
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    strap for truck

    There are a variety of tie down products available, many of which don't cost a ton. You might need a cargo net too. That's more expensive, but they do the trick.
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    Race car decos

    Our two grandsons are really into race cars. My wife had decided to decorate a small tree just for them with all kinds of little toy cars that they can have later.