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    What about electric cars?

    I was under the impression that some of them could also be switched from electric to gas so you had the option for either. Since I don't know a lot about them as yet, I guess some are 'only' electric?
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    Tire Air Frustration

    We're lucky that we have an air compressor at home too and my hubby is always checking the air in the tires. I can remember trying to use those at the convenient stores before and not working properly. Real bummer.
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    I know there are a lot of responsible motorcycle drivers out there but I have sure seen a lot that were just crazy. I see why some have accidents, they seem to think they can get away with more then they think they can.
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    Spinning Hubcaps

    They don't look to bad on some cars but personally I'm not overly fond of them. I think they can be very distracting for other drivers, but I guess to each his/her own.
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    Heated Seats

    Well I don't have them but I think that if I did I would really like them in the winter time. I wonder if they make them that get cool also?
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    Fall is in the air!

    It is such a nice change from some of the hot weather we have been having. Although the hot days haven't gone away entirely, we are now having some cool mornings and evenings. :smile:
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    Bent Wiper

    Yes, break down and buy a new wiper. :smile: We have tried to fixed wipers like this before and it just never seemed to work. Always ended up buying a new one.
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    Have you shopped around lately? Once you have been with one company for a year or two it always pays to check other companies. You might be surprised at the different rates you can get.
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    Exterior getting a facelift!

    Of course you know one thing leads to another when you do something like that. :smile: Once one area is spiffed up some you start noticing other areas that need to be fixed up. Good way to get your whole house done.
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    It's closer then you think. :smile: Do you go all out for it? Decorate the yard and house? Have a party? Our neighbors really do! We always have candy for the kids but that's about it.
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    stuck in a car rut

    I would love to be able to trade mine in right now but just can't. We're trying to save up some cash and hoping that we will be able to trade and then pay off the rest in cash. I really don't want another car payment if I can help it.
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    3 wheels

    Personally I have wondered what the point was to having the two wheels in the front? Is it suppose to be safer or is it just for looks?
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    Smart Cars

    This sounds interesting and I would love to watch the video, do you happen to have a link to it? I've seen similar and always wondered myself how the 'humans' inside the car would manage in crashes like that.
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    Having a Carport installed

    We have decided to have one of those large carports installed by our house. We don't have a garage so our car always stays out in the open all the time. Does anyone else have one of these?
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    3,000 or 6,000 miles?

    Well I see that a lot of others have heard the same thing. I guess I will just stick to having it done on a regular bases and try not to go over 6,000. :)
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    I've been seeing this Prius advertised and like the look of it too. I've heard they are suppose to be safe but would want to look into it a bit more.
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    Do It Yourself or Pay?

    Most of the time I do it myself just to save money. But I also really like that clean fresh smell you get after you have had it done professionally. :smile:
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    I think I have to agree with you. I don't think they are very safe on the rounds either. I would be scared to death to drive on on the highway now a days, saving gas or not.
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    3,000 or 6,000 miles?

    I keep hearing different things on this but how often do you change your oil? Some say every 3,000 miles and some say 6,000 miles? It's a bit confusing.
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    Putting in garage shelves

    Well I haven't seen Big Brother so not sure what type of shelves you're talking about. We do have one wall of adjustable shelves in our garage that I really like. Helps keep everything organized.