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    What's your dream car?

    If money were no object, what kind of car would you have? The Lamborghini is my dream car, but I have a weakness for the "Magnum P.I." red Ferrari too!
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    Vintage Car Show

    Our town blocks off the main street for a vintage car show each month too! Some months they have huge turnouts and other times it will just be a few cars. Last month, a lot of people showed up.
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    Rain and more rain

    We are still having rain! It comes and goes. At the moment it is not raining, but it is quite cloudy. They said on the news that it is the remaining feeder bands from Isaac.
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    Rain and more rain

    Is anyone else getting a lot of rain today? We are getting some bands off of Isaac. It rains for a while and stops, then it rains again and stops. Strange weather day.
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    Replacing Windshield Wipers

    There probably is a schedule for when you should change them, but I usually just change them whenever they stop working. This usually occurs when it it pouring down rain.
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    1957 Cadillac

    We went to a restaurant this afternoon and an old Cadillac was sitting in the parking lot. It still had the old license plate on it and it was dated 1957! We wondered if it was being used in a movie or if someone just decided to get it out of the garage and take it for a spin.
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    Body screams!!

    I felt that way when we went to Ireland. I really felt it one time after we walked up what seemed like a 1000 stairs in an old castle. Even my eyelashes hurt!
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    Recycled Tires

    Here, they used shredded tires for the new exercise area near our county's walking trails. They ran something in the paper about bringing your old tires to a certain place for a set amount of time. I guess a lot of people did.
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    What's hanging from your mirror?

    When I was first starting to drive, a guy gave me some feathers on a clip. I didn't know it was a "roach clip" and hung it from my mirror. I just thought they were pretty and he was cute. My mother found out what it was and destroyed it. I have never hung anything from my mirror since.
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    lightening question

    I always heard that lightning wouldn't strike a car because of the tires. When it does hit a car, it means the car was actually touching something metal that was touching the ground and acting as a conductor.
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    Checking Transmission Fluid

    I don't think I have ever checked the transmission fluid while it was running, but I have been told that you should check it while it is warm. I'm not sure why, but that is what I was told.
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    Why Would You Want a Harley?

    We have owned several different motorcycles over the years. I have to say that our Harley has always given us the best performance and has needed the least amount of work. They are the best!
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    Hi! I'm so glad I found this site. We are thinking of trying to buy and restore either a car or motorcycle. It looks like I will find some useful information here!