Another Olympic "Sport"?


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I heard on the news the other day that they're thinking about making pole dancing an Olympic sport. Pole dancing? Really? I always thought of the Olympics as having family friendly competitions, but pole dancing doesn't fit into that category. Does it?


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Bring it on baby. I'd love to see how they scored this and what moves the competitors would have to do in order to win the gold. This would be a hoot!


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Pole dancing for athletic purposes doesn't have to involve the moves you're thinking about. In many cases, their feet don't even touch the ground and it looks like a form of gymnastics. I know I could never do it.


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You would have to be athletic to do it I suppose. I don't consider it a sport however. I don't know, I just don't see pole dancing becoming an Olympic sport.


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There is pole dancing (for sport) that has worldwide competitions by the way and there is everyone's assumption of pole dancing which involves half naked ladies climbing it for tips. It is actually a widely recognized sport but people are pretty stereotypical and closed minded about it. I say if ping pong can go Olympic, anything can.


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Another Olympic sport

I can't believe they are considering pole dancing for Olympic competition. That should be some show, especially the tryouts. Will this be for both males and females? It gets even more interesting.