Anything for your car for Christmas


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Did you get any presents for your car for Christmas? I did! My son got me new floor mats (Steelers) and my daughter bought me a new emergency car kit. I already had one so we put it in her car. Did you get anything for your car?


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I did not get anything for my car for Christmas. I need new floor mats so that would have been a really nice gift. I can't complain about what I did get though.


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I picked up a new air freshener but I really do not think that counts. Later today we need to head out for a few things including new wipers for my car but that is about all. After having to have the car repaired twice this year I think the beast got her gifts early.


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Yeah I have got iPhone holder, my brother has gifted me last year on Christmas.
Its a iPhone and charger holder and covers less space so I liked it.


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I am a mechanic by profession and for the Christmas i am getting some special on my Mustang Cobra,i want some modifying on it.So for this buy the dashing bumpers for it and also new rims for it.