Are You Done Yet?

It's Christmas Eve and I'm still not done buying or wrapping gifts! I can't believe Christmas crept up so quickly this year, but I still need to buy one last gift for my mom, one for my mother-in-law, and I probably have about 10 gifts left to wrap. It's going to be a long and busy night tonight!

Are you done and ready for Christmas?


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Well I hope you finished in time. I would never leave it until the last minute. That is just silly and too stressful! I like to be done with everything at least a week ahead of time.
Yes, I did finish in time, and unfortunately, I couldn't avoid leaving it for the last minute. Like I said, Christmas crept up on me this year. Even having to deal with all the last minute stress, it was worth it come Christmas day. :)


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I have a couple of friends who start and finish shopping on the 24th. I just like to be done in early December. I was behind this year too - crept up on me too. Glad you finished in time and glad it was worth it.