Baltimore Ravens are dirty players!


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I'm watching the game between the Baltimore Ratbirds and the Indianapolis Colts and it is making me sick. I have never liked the Ravens (being a Steelers fan) but they are downright dirty players. I swear they are trying to break Lucks neck! I've seen more helmet to helmet hits this game than ever. It is sick! I know the Ratbirds will win this one but I hope the next team crushes them!


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Are you really just complaining about a team you do not like or are you complaining about the lack of ref calls? My nephew does the first more than anything else, especially against the Ravens then again he and his sister are always cheering for different times. I think he does it just to upset her.


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Smash is right on... they are dirty! They are not a team I like and it is because a lot of their players play dirty. I bet the defense even has bounties like the Saints did.